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Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
  Main force:
    Larna Dark Princess L6 Crown, Elemental x6

  ( Succubus L1 Vampire Bat x6 ) x2
    Witch L5 Ballista x4, Wraith x2
    Living Armor L4 Golem x4, Bone Dino x2

  South shore:
    Witch L5 Ballista x4, Wraith x2
    Living Armor L4 Golem x4, Bone Dino x2

  Sea Reinforcements (arrive second part of turn 9):
  ( Kraken L5 Leviathan x6 ) x2
    Kraken L8 Leviathan x6

  Imperial General Archmage L6 Armored Soldier x4, Ballista x2
  He arrives either on the second part of turn 12 or when Larna is
  defeated, and replaces her.

The forbidden continent doesn't have a natural dock, so the party will have to go on foot to reach the shoreline. There is a large group of monsters led by Larna bent on stopping them. The hardest thing about this scenario is the terrain - you'll still be struggling to reach the shore when the succubi start dropping meteors on you. Be patient, and use healing and resist spells a lot. A single resist spell makes a whole unit immune to any offensive spells for a full turn... very useful.

Once you make it to the shore, the hardest part is over. The witches in the mountains will rain meteors on you the same as the succcubi on shore, but you will have much more maneuverability on land. Go slow and steady, and don't try to charge into battle with an already damaged character. Keep using those heals and resists.

You may want to leave a couple of characters on the ship to deal with the krakens that come in on turn 9. Otherwise, the enemy sea units might attack your forces still trying to cross over the water.

Killing Larna in this scenario isn't necessary, but it allows you to get a crown, which is a very useful special item. In order to get to her before the archmage arrives, you'll probably have to send your dragon lord/master, alone. Keep behind one angel for your characters to cast protection, attack, resist, and force heal on, and have him just go for Larna. Don't waste time on any of the other units. This is optional, and risky, but the reward is good. Larna carries a crown.