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Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing conditions: -Death of Elwin
                   -Death of Jessica
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
     Bosel Dark Master L6
     Larna Dark Princess L6
If any unit crosses a certain point - it's on the same line as the last
blue stone on the first path - Bosel finishes the ceremony.

   ( Witch L5 Necklace, Wraith x6 ) x2
   ( Iron Golem L10 Golem x6 ) x2

     Egbert Zervera L8 Orb, Ballista x4, Dark Elf x2
     Imperial General Archmage L8 Ballista x6
     Imperial General Archmage L8 Ballista x4, Armored Soldier x2
     Imperial General Saint L9 Armored Soldier x3, Phalanx x3

   Summoned by Egbert after Bosel finishes the ceremony:
     Bernhart Emperor L10 Great Sword (Alhazard after defeating Bosel)
                          Dark Guard x6
Chaos monsters and Imperials turn on each other.

Your first problem in this scenario is the pair of witches sitting in the cave throwing meteors at you. You should give your archmage ballistae and have him and any other offensive magic users cast meteor, fireball, or thunder on the witches. Have your ballistae damage the witches enough so they can't spellcast (the old 7 trick) and then gradually take down the wraith followers. If they aren't powerful enough, you can have someone cast attack on them, or you can just ignore the troops and kill the leader straight away. Because the witches are so far away, and their magic resistance so strong, their meteors *will* hit you for a while, and this strategy may simply not work. Just use grit your teeth, use heal spells, and keep moving. If it gets really bad, you can try resist.

Iron Golems are essentially powered up versions of ordinary golems. Use armored soldiers to defeat them, supported by fliers. Keep your horsemen in back, out of range of the golems' spears.

Use meteor/thunder/fireball to destroy the archmages' ballistae on the platform. Against Egbert, send the best fighter your left side has, and cast resist on him/her if you can.

Larna plays no role in this battle, although you can attack her if you want. 'Killing' her does not affect what happens at the end in any way.

Don't go near Bernhart until you're ready. If you plan on doing Jessica's dimension shift, you can try to lure Bernhart to attacking one of your troops, moving himself ahead of his guards. If you plan on killing him and his soldiers, mass all your dragoons and cast attack on them. If you have zone, use it to make things a lot easier. For Bernhart himself, knock him down with a magic arrow or two, then attack with your best heroes - preferably a knight, because Bernhart is a soldier-type unit. Because he'll have less than 10 HP, he won't be able to kill any of your characters in one fight. Cross your fingers and hope that your 4 best leaders are enough. If not, there's always Jessica's dimension shift. Even if you manage to kill Bernhart, the game will act as if Jessica did it.

At the end, Riana gains about 15 levels, and Larna gains about 30. Both of them join you.

To get to scenario ?1, bring Elwin to the base of the pillar to the right of Bernhart, 6 spaces down from the top of the screen. Then, have someone meteor the pillar that blocks the left staircase, and move Elwin to the end of the tunnel on the far left. (5 spaces down) Again, thanks to Pyrolight.