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Winning Condition: -Death of Morgan
Losing Conditions: -Death of all Shinto Priests
                   -Death of Riana
                   -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Small Shield, Robe

Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott


   Main army:
   ( Imperial General Warlock L3 Barbarian x6 ) x2

     Imperial General Shaman L1    Morgan Sorcerer L1
     Barbarian x4, Dark Elf x2     Soldier x2, Dark Elf x2, Horseman x2

   Shrine attackers:
   ( Imperial General Thief L1 Soldier x2, Pikeman x4 ) x2

    Riana Cleric L? Guardsman x4 (Charmed by Morgan on turn 4)

 Shrine defenders:
    Shisai Priest L2 Cross, Guardsman x4

    Clergy Cleric L6 Guardsman x3
    Clergy Cleric L6 Guardsman x4

 Reinforcements, arrive turn 6 near the shrine:
    Mystery Knight/Nazonoki Fighter L9 Gladiator x3

In this scenario, you're racing to defeat the enemy leader before the beleaguered allied garrison falls. The defending clerics are no match for the thieves that Morgan has sent. Fortunately, only the 2 thieves are attacking - all the other enemy forces are waiting for you.

Send your characters forward, and try to defeat the warlocks quickly - whether you kill all their units is up to you. If you plan on doing it the slow way, use archers (if you have them) to at least knock their HP a little so they don't bombard you with magic arrows. Enemy units have a high attack, so use your fighter leaders to take on followers. This way, you'll be able to destroy most of the enemy soldiers before they even reach you. The enemy warlock leaders, however, will hit even if the fighter's attack kills them, so it's best to attack them with your own followers. Of course, you'll have to have <some> soldier to soldier fighting - it'd be too slow otherwise, and you want to take care of these guys before the shaman attacks you.

All right, challenge number two. The shaman is too inexperienced to use any advanced spells, so he will cast magic arrow like the warlocks. Protect Hain well, because his low defense makes him an ideal target for dark elves. Be careful to not cross the row on the map just below the small hill next to the road until you're ready - doing this causes Morgan to attack. Position your characters so that the dark elves will have to cross that line in order to attack you, and kill them first.

Morgan has a well-rounded army, so try to position yourself so that your troops get the first strike. Use pikes on the horsemen if you have them, if you don't just go straight for Morgan. The horsemen will usually go for your soldiers first, giving you some time to organize an attack before you get they hit your leaders. Cut through to Morgan on at least two sides using soldiers and fighters, then attack. Hopefully, you will be able to kill him before he kills you.

There really isn't much you can do about Morgan charming Riana except trying to keep moving forward so Riana can't reach you. Your main concern will be your characters 'accidentally' killing Riana, not Riana killing you. Use soldiers to weaken her below 8 HP so she is forced to spend a turn treating herself. Do NOT use leaders for this because you will run the risk of killing her outright. Daring (or sadistic) players can get a very small amount of extra exp by killing her guardsmen.

Unless you're fast, Mystery Knight will reach the shrine before you do, so you can choose to let the knight do the rescuing.