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Winning Condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing Conditions: -Death of Elwin
                   -Death of Jessica
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester

  Egbert Zarvera L7 Wand, Mirage Robe, Necklace
  Armored Soldier x4  (Leaves second part of turn 2)

  Battle group north:
     Imperial General Hawk Knight L5 Necklace, Griffin x6
     Imperial General Assassin L3 Berserker x2, Pikeman x4
     Imperial General Swordsman L1, Berserker x6
     Imperial General Mage L3 Pikeman x2, Dark Elf x4

  Battle group south:
   ( Imperial General Magic Knight L1, Horseman x6 ) x2
     Imperial General Mage L5 Pikeman x2, Dark Elf x4
     Imperial General Serpent Knight L1, Lizardman x6
Attacks when you cross the bend in the road by the single tree, or when
first battlegroup defeated.

Eastern Reinforcements on second part of turn 6
or when all other enemies defeated:
         Imperial General Hawk Knight L6, Griffin x4

NPC:     Jessica Sorceror L5, Soldier x4

Egbert sets Jessica's field on fire in the second part of turn 1 - at the end of both the player's and enemy's phases, it spreads one space. Anything unfortunate enough to be in one of those spaces is burned to a crisp. As a result, you have to move, and quickly.

Position your forces so that you have good counter troops facing the enemies in front of you, then just charge. On this battle, always save your game before you hit end turn, because Jessica will occasionally do something stupid and put herself within 2 spaces of the flame. If she does this, reload and send one of your troops to where she went, and she should go somewhere else.

Don't trigger the second battlegroup until you feel you can hold them. The knights are fast, and they will go for your weakest characters. If your formation is too open, they might charge past you and attack Jessica. She is weak after having transmigrated, and a single horse charge will almost always kill her.

The Hawk Knight comes at a very bad time, at the start of the enemy phase right on your flank. The only thing you can really do about it is try to keep Jessica and her weak soldiers surrounded as best as you can without hurting your offensive too much. Turn 6 is the critical stage. Once it's your turn again you should be able to kill him easily.

It might be possible to defeat Egbert in this scenario. It is definitely possible to defeat some of his troops by powering up some of your heavy horsemen or luring them into the flame.