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Winning conditions: -Elwin, Jessica, or Sherry reaches Langrisser
                    -Death of Blue Dragon Knight leader Leon
Losing conditions : -Leon reaches Langrisser
                    -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
   Rear guard:
    Imperial General Lord L1, Soldier x6
    (Damn, this guy is obsolete... well, Blue Dragon Knights are known
     for cavalry, not infantry...)
    Imperial General Swordsman L4 Berserker x6
  ( Imperial General Mage L5, Ballista x6 ) x2

    Imperial General Serpent Knight L7, Lizardman x4

   Air force:
  ( Imperial General Dragon Knight L4, Griffin x4 ) x2
    Imperial General Dragon Knight L6, Griffin x4

   (Will go for Langrisser until turn 5, then attacks nearest enemy)
    Laird Silver Knight L5, War hammer, Berserker x2, Dark Elf x4

   Imperial Descendent of Light:
   (Arrives second part of turn 3, charges for Langrisser)
    Leon Royal Guard L2, Great Sword, Plate Armor
    Royal Horseman x4, Armored Soldier x2

Both you and the Blue Dragon Knights are equally determined to get Langrisser. This mission can be either incredibly easy or incredibly hard, depending on how experienced you are and how much you try to do. If Sherry is a flier, all you have to do is send her in and the mission is won. However, if she isn't, or if you want to get more experience out of this, further measures are needed. If you got yourself a swordmaster like I suggested, this is where it pays off.

The main threat in the enemy ground guard is the ballistae - use fireball or thunder to take them out quickly. Laird is inexperienced enough so pikes/phalanxes should take him with no trouble. If your phalanxes are tied up (see next paragraph) use your own knight, he shouldn't be that far behind Laird in experience. You will meet him after you have probably already defeated the rest of the land forces except Leon, so you shouldn't have to worry about being preoccupied. Enemy air and sea units are numerous, but not too tough. Keep the fighting somewhat close to the shore, so your land units can support.

All that's left now is Leon. At the start of the mission, you should send your best pike commander - preferably Elwin - to secure Langrisser. Not to take it, just to secure it. This is why favoring your future swordmaster was advised a couple of scenarios back. Block the doorway, and have him hold fast until the rest of your leaders finish off the other enemies and come up. Then, just bombard Leon and his men with spells and powered-up phalanxes. If you feel that he's too much for you, all you have to do is move Elwin onto Langrisser to end the mission. Defeating Leon is strictly optional. Note that trying to take him on with a character below his third class change (fourth class level) is mostly a matter of luck (read: extremely hard).

Langrisser in hand, the party heads to the heart of the empire to confront the emperor and Alhazard.