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Winning condition
  • Find Light Rod and bring it to top of map
  • Death of all enemies
Losing condition
  • Light Rod is lost
  • Death of Elwin
Items Knife, Robe
Heroes Elwin, Hain, Scott, Riana, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Larna.
Enemy Attackers
  • Laird Silver Knight L10 Great sword, Necklace, Royal Horseman x4
  • ( Imperial General Dragon Lord L10 Elemental x3 ) x2
Enemy Searchers
  • ( Imperial General Paladin L8 Phalanx x4, Heavy Horseman x2 ) x2
  • ( Imperial General Saint L10 Dark Elf x4, Berserker x2 ) x2
  • ( Imperial General Paladin L10 Berserker x4, Phalanx x2 ) x2
  • ( Imperial General Wizard L10 Orb, Ballista x4, Phalanx x2 ) x2

There are a lot of weak enemies to kill in this scenario - the problem is, they won't always stay in one place to let you. Your objective is to search the building's rooms and find the Light Rod. There are 4 possible locations, each of which can be reached by one of the doors near the center of the hallway. The rooms that are conveniently right next to your starting positions are always empty.

This scenario is all about controlling the center of the map. Single out your strongest non-flying fighter and put him/her in the front center. Put your two best mages or ballista characters behind the fighter. Hopefully, your best character is strong enough that most of the imperials will be too scared to attack him/her. This means your mages and ballistae are free to shoot at anything that comes into the hall. Move these three as far forward as they can go. If you can block the center, great - if you can't, that's all right, just shoot any leaders that try to enter one of the rooms to stun them (knock them down to 7). The paladins favor the rooms on the bottom, so your ballistae should be able to hit them easily. Keep trying to move your line further towards the center. The more enemies you distract away from searching, the better. As long as your center characters can take it, that is.

Meanwhile, put your flier(s) in front on either one of the side positions. Then, place your remaining characters, soldiers in front, horsemen in back (this is a building map, so horsemen are slower). Have everyone move at top speed - your fliers should be able to reach the center when the enemy paladins are just entering the rooms. Hit them hard, but be ready to pull back a bit once the dark elves start emerging. Have your ballistae focus on them if there aren't any paladins entering the rooms, since dark elves have inferior range and terrible defense.

The main generals you have to worry about are the two front paladins. By the time any of the other searchers show up, your flanks should be secure.

Light Rod in hand, Riana and Larna prepare to break the seal on Langrisser, unleashing its full power. However, Larna's thoughts are elsewhere...

Note: The character who picks up the Light Rod will lose the item that was equipped in his/her weapon slot. In other words, do NOT pick it up with any character wielding a rare item (like, say, Langrisser).