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Winning condition: -Death of all enemies
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Knife, Robe
Heroes: Elwin, Hain, Scott, Sherry, Aaron, Keith, Lester, Jessica
   Fayas Demon Lord L1 Golem x2, Archdemon x4
 ( Witch L3 Wraith x4, Ballista x2 ) x2
They hold position until reinforcements arrive.

 ( Minotaur L3 Golem x2, Bone Dino x4 ) x2
 ( Scylla L10 Leviathan x6 ) x2

   Reinforcements (arrive second part of turn 9 ):
     Kraken L4 Leviathan x6
   ( Wyvern L6 Gargoyle x6 ) x2

Golems are boosted phalanx, and demons are very powerful units that are weak only against monks. All the other enemies you should have fought before, and if you did scenario ?1 you'll know about golems too. Keep those counters in mind when choosing your units.

This sea battle gives you a bit more control than the last one. Here, you both start out on ships, and they're large enough for you to do some actual maneuvering. It's probably best to let the enemies come to you rather than try to attack. If you go on the offensive, you'll end up meeting on the gangplank, which is an encumbering place to fight. If you wait until they board your ship, you can surround them on all sides and cycle in the appropriate counter unit to deal with them. Be sure not to put your leaders too close to the entrance, or the enemy troops will get bogged down outside. You want to give them plenty of space on your ship to move onto so you can cut them down efficiently.

Another reason for fighting on your own ship is that it makes it easier for your heal spells to affect anyone you want. Since there are two witches on the other ship raining meteors on you, this is a good thing. Try to distract them with your own magic as much as you can, but if it looks like it's not working feel free to shift your fire to the enemy fighters. This scenario is a lot about patience, unless you've done a good job leveling, in which case it doesn't matter. Regardless, you should hold off on killing Fayas until you've had a chance to destroy his reinforcements - waste not, want not.