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During the first playthrough, there's one shibito less in the area. On subsequent visits there's a new patroller shibito hanging around right beside the fire tower, unless you shot the shibito down the well during Tamon Day 1 - 02:00.

  • MO1: "Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno."
  • MO2: "Reach road to Hirunotsuka with Yoriko Anno within 1 minute and 55 seconds."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Having Yoriko find a certain photo.

Akira Shimura[edit]

He starts the level with his usual rifle and 24 bullets with each of the shibitos names written on them. No other items with him.

On this level there's the highest ladder drop in the entire game, and Akira has a very special animation for it. Check it out by jumping down from the fire tower's ladder at the start of the level.

Yoriko Anno[edit]

Tamon’s sidekick. Yoriko doesn't die instantly if shot, unlike everywhere else.

When Akira meets Yoriko, she says "Thank god! A regular human being... I dropped my school ID somewhere, and got attacked while looking for it. Thank you so much." If she expects to be pulled up, she'll say "Thanks!" (in a sarcastic tone) as a new comment in this situation. If you wait around uselessly, she says "Mind if I ask you what you're doing?" or "Hmh... mind if I ask you what you're doing?" (in a facetious tone) or "Mm... mind if I ask what you're doing?" (in a high-pitched voice). When you approach the place where Yoriko hides the photo, she says "Looks like we can climb our way up here." After you've witnessed the cutscene at the end of the level, she says "I'll act as a decoy. But don't shoot me."

Yoriko Anno's dilemma[edit]

She starts the level standing south of Kasawaki's house. She soon starts running, because there's a female patroller shibito coming from behind, but she won't make it too far because she soon encounters a male patroller shibito up her front. After she's trapped between the shibitos, they just exchange hits until Yoriko dies. They kill her in under 20 seconds unless Akira intervenes.

Under normal circumstances, you'd probably shoot both of the shibitos from the fire tower. In this case Yoriko continues towards the Yoshinora's house, and eventually hides inside there. There's a chance that she gets shot at this route, even to death, since there are two snipers nearby: one at Takaya's house's roof's north side, and another one at Nakajima's house's roof. If you only shoot the female patroller, Yoriko'll change her route and survive a lot longer, even up to 30 seconds as a whole.

Once you meet Yoriko up close, or shout to her when she's close enough, she stops and starts following you like a well-behaved sidekick should. So you don't have to meet her up at Yoshimora's house and can instead save a lot of time.

Yoriko as a decoy[edit]

In the end of the level you have the option to make her "Act as decoy!" which will make her run past the sniper's view. Yoriko will not die during this because the bullet the sniper shoots will never hit - if you look carefully, it always strikes the ground in front of her. After that she automatically enters the wait-mode, hiding behind the nearby cliff.

If you didn't shoot one of the shibitos down the well with Tamon: There's an additional shibito right under the fire tower, and he'll start attacking Akira as he descends the ladder. He only appears when it's the time to start the MO2.

Other interesting things[edit]

The time constraint during MO2 is more lenient than it would seem: the game may cut you some slack up to one second of time over the supposed limit.