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The fateful elementary. There's a checkpoint which activates as you enter the faculty room.

  • MO1: "Escape from the school with Harumi Yomoda."
  • MO2: "Unlock door to gymnasium fire exit from within. Help Harumi Yomoda escape from the school."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Getting the candles.

Reiko Takato[edit]

Your sympathetic teacher character. She carries a flashlight and nothing else.

Harumi Yomoda[edit]

If you're reading this guide in order, you already know her. She runs slower than other characters, dies without even getting hit, can't be pulled up from anywhere and causes all sorts of trouble in general ways. Her death animation is unusual in that she'll never actually die: she only has a sort of mental breakdown, maybe falling in some sort of catatonic state.

Harumi dies after an enemy has targeted her and she stands in the attack range and the attack is just about to begin. (It would take place if it weren't interrupted by the "mission failed.") Aside from that, she'll die from the least bits of damage - if a shibito hits Reiko and Harumi gets hit simultaneously - she's KO'd. If Reiko punches her by some accident - she's KO'd.

She speaks, like all other of your sidekicks. If you make her "Run!" she'll say "Help, Mrs. Takato!" If you meet her after being separated for some time, she says: "Mrs. Takato, let's get out of here." If you wait around needlessly, she asks "What are you doing?" or sobs.

As you get to the faculty room (and the cutscene occurs), Harumi will no longer be your sidekick for a while: she'll turn mostly unmanipulable. She'll still die if you go out of your way and get some enemy to touch her, anyhow.

After the first cutscene in the gymnasium she has disappeared from the faculty room, and you will find her from either the one of the toilet closets (the rightmost of the most northernmost toilet), or from where you started this level, the library. You can tell in which one she is by either doing a quick sightjack (which shows you the green cross afterwards, by which you can deduce her location), or watching out for the shibito placement in the first floor corridor: If there's a shibito outside the girl's bathroom, Harumi'll be inside the bathroom – otherwise, the shibito is in the toilet closet and Harumi is at the library. When you find her this time, she'll be again just like a normal escort.

Eiji Nagashi[edit]

He's the "boss" shibito on this level. Unlike many other shibitos, he tends to move very aggressively, running at even faster pace than you. He wields a baseball bat. You'll not be able to sightjack him until he physically appears in the gymnasium.

After the second cutscene in the school gymnasium, there's a serene moment when he hasn't discovered you yet - you're too far away. (Even though the cutscene implied that he has noticed you.) He has no route at this point, he simply looks at one direction and does nothing else. When you've defeated him the first time, he stays down until you unlock the gymnasium door, after which he'll soon recover. After that, his route consists of getting inside the faculty room, waiting there a bit, and then moving in and out of the various rooms of the area. Then he'll get upstairs and examine the rooms in there too.

He says: "Harumi, where are you?", "Harumi!", "Are you ready?" or "Come out and play!" as some sorts of taunts.

His name is mispelled twice in this game. Right before you have to fight him and the message appears, he's called "Nakoshi." As is the case when checking out the key he drops in the menu.

Small closets[edit]

There are four of them, two upstairs, two downstairs. Reiko can't hide in them, but Harumi can. During the animation in which Harumi enters (or exits) one of the closets, she's completely substanceless, meaning that Reiko or any enemies can walk right through her and the closet door. She's also not harmed if she's simultaneously attacked at – however, her body still emits the "whump" sound which you hear when someone attacks someone, in addition to actually slowing down for an instant.

While Harumi's inside a closet, she's completely invincible. If you sightjack her, you see that she doesn't do anything else in there but looks towards one of the back corners - in a quite abnormal way too. Her sight's movement doesn't match the animation she does when exiting the closet.

The faculty room[edit]

As soon as you enter it, you activate a cutscene. The cutscene is different depending on how close Harumi is - if she's right next to you, both Reiko and Harumi walk in together. Otherwise Reiko walks in alone.

After the cutscene, Harumi is teleported right next to you. This is good, because you can skip the first part of the level almost completely.

There are photos on this room's wall, you get an archive there. If you look more closely, you can see that there are a total of 3 pictures to see on the wall, even though you can see only one of them in the archive.

Interesting things[edit]

  • After you've killed Eiji for the first time, he'll never get up until you've unlocked the gymnasium door. So take your time to play with the ball that lies at the gymnasium's floor. Admire it's cardboard cut-out physics simulation!
  • For some reason, critical hits are not possible with Eiji.
  • Shout around with Reiko. She has a really tortured voice.