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Hirunotsuka at sunset! A romantic doomsday evening, unfortunately Tomoko doesn’t seem to appreciate it much.

  • MO1: "Escape from Hirunotsuka."
  • MO2: "Escape from Hirunotsuka within 1 minute and 55 seconds."

Tomoko Maeda[edit]

Five hours have passed since her separation with Kei, and she's still hanging around Hirunotsuka.

She's now a normal player-character with updated abilities and health as well. For example, while as a sidekick she died from one sniper bullet, and now she can live through one.

As with other shorter characters, she can't climb anything that's as high as a normal player-character. So the exit she reaches is the only one she can even get to.

She carries a flashlight and a key to offertory box (if you activated a cutscene at Kei Day 1 - 12:00).

The bell and the offertory box and its coins[edit]

As you exit the shrine, there's a chance to ring a bell or throw some coins on the ground. Ringing the bell summons the sniper to your location. If you hadn’t flung the coins, after noticing there’s nothing wrong, he leaves promptly back to his post. If you ring the bell again while he’s leaving, he won’t respond and instead just goes back to his post like normal. If you had flung coins, you can see some coins on the ground, and at least three shibitos will be interested in picking them up. When they’re picking them, they'll not notice you even if you shout at them or run and push against them. Tomoko can't push them, though, so if she somehow gets in the middle of their odd circle of three, she may even get stuck in there. While there are shibitos picking up coins, you can’t ring the bell. If you fling the coins without ringing the bell, no one comes – but everything works out as normal if you ring the bell even then.

The police car[edit]

The police car is a FPV-location with an archive item inside. The only thing you can do besides leaving the car is "toggling the switch." If you do this you get a cutscene after which Tomoko has left the car and you can hear the car's sirens howling. The pistol shibito nearby gets a new route: he'll leave his earlier post, examine the patrol car, and then go walking the circle of mountain paths near the stone cave.

Other things of interest[edit]

Tomoko says nothing if you try to examine the creepy statue at the small cave.