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Haraydori. No large changes from what it's previously been. The last time you'll visit this place chronologically.

  • MO1: "Drive away Shibito Brain."
  • MO2: "Acquire explosives."

Kei Makino[edit]

Or is he? From his bad-ass way of holding and reloading the revolver, you can already guess that something's not right.

His inventory consists of a flashlight, a rachet wrench, .38 calibre revolver (which Tamon had... with a total of 16 bullets), rope (if you had picked it up at Kei Day 1 - 05:00) and a hammer (if you had picked it up at Shiro Day 2 - 00:00).

The shibito brain[edit]

He starts the level by cooping up in a fire tower, guarded by a sniper and two crawlers. If you get a shot at either him or the sniper, the sub-objective changes to "defeat shibito brain." Then he'll start climbing down. He'll first run to the east exit, descending down to the river bottom. Then he'll run north and after that his routes are more or less arbitrary.

Unlike his brethen at other levels, he has no especially odd quirks in his behaviour. He often tries to climb up the cliffs instead of using any of the conveniently situated paths nearby, which is of course foolish. Also, he has a couple of spots in the level where he'll stop without any reason, even with Kei very close to him - near the well for example. This is probably for the sake of the players' mental health.

He takes five shots to go down. After that MO1 has been completed.

The well[edit]

Once you enter it, it's impossible for you to leave. Your location is still in the area of Haraydori: you can see Kei's blue cross through the sight of the enemies on the level. So it's not some separate map altogether.

There's a spot where you're forced to take some damage: as you climb up the long set of ladders, you come up to an alerted shibito who attacks you before you can do anything else. You can't stop him from harming you. He won't hear you from the bottom of the well, not even if you shoot with your revolver.

It may also happen that a crawler can come down the well, possibly following after Kei. This occurs rarely, if ever, and may not even be possible. More often than not, if you have the crawler on the surface alerted by shooting at the area near the explosives, he instinctively knows to come at the well, but never actually comes inside... just rams his head into the stone ring.

Akira Shimura[edit]

You may not have noticed him, but he's flying around here somewhere. You get nothing from defeating him, and as with other flying shibitos, he's become quite frail, requiring only two shots to kill.

He has a tendency to land unexpectedly around places, unlike other flying shibitos. One of his favorite locations is a pole near Kawasaki's house (or another pole further away) - unfortunately nothing interesting happens even if you kill him while he's on top of it. Sometimes he lands after he sees Kei and becomes alerted. If he sees Kei or just becomes suspicious at certain places, he makes a flight straight to the northern bush formations and he keeps on jamming up towards them until he's disturbed, which appears to be a bug of sorts.

Unlike other special shibitos, he doesn't seem to have any taunts.