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It's the unhospitable hospital. The area in which you can move around is not very large, featuring most of Ward 2 and hints of Ward 1.

  • MO1: "Warn Miyata and Makino of approaching enemies."
  • MO2: "Find angel statuette."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Unlocking a garbage chute (not mandatory).

Risa Onda[edit]

Starts the level with just a modest flashlight.


The beautiful weapon Risa manages to acquire in this level. It's the weakest weapon in the game: four strong hits are needed to take down a normal spider. It's not too fast either, but the range is extraordinary. You can easily hit several enemies at once with it!

Mina Onda[edit]

Risa's undead sister who's the "boss" or at least the "brain" of this level. She has a nasty shovel with her, with which she'll kill Risa in one hit. Additionally, she may start strangling Risa if they both are close to each other. This attack is particularly deadly because of the fact that Mina will not budge if Risa shakes herself off - and she'll start another strangle the very next instant, killing Risa with 100% certainly, which may or may not be a bug. It is something unusual anyhow. Because of it you'll not get past her in these cramped hospital corridors (for example, for MO2) unless you do something highly unseemly and additional.

Her single largest weakness is the fire extinguisher and its gush. If you pull the pin, Mina experiences a momentary change in her behaviour: she won't notice Risa even if she's right in front of her. Secondly, she starts attacking away at nothingness inside the cloud of gush. She loses her alerted state and will not regain it until the gush dissolves - this means that every hit Risa makes is a critical one.

For some reason Mina's pace stops to a crawl if she comes out of the room with the umbrella while alerted. She doesn't attack Risa even if she's right near her, only frisking up if she's physically attacked.

She has several taunts, but tends to use them very rarely. Some are: "Risa, join me.", Mina laughing, and "Risa? Risa?".

Dealing with Mina[edit]

If you're doing MO1, you won't have to. You can just escape like normal and nothing bad happens. (Yes, there's the garbage chute at the courtyard but it's really of no consequence.) But with MO2, it's a more interesting case! You can either avoid her or defeat her. There are several different ways to achieve either (or both) of these outcomes, documented here:

  1. Using the fire extinguisher. In order to do this, you must pass her once already because it's so far away, though.
  2. Using umbrella. If you do a normal attack with the umbrella with Mina close enough, you provoke her to attack Risa normally - and that's when she's at her slowest and you can easily run past her. A more complete effort is beating her to death, just like that! It's not impossible, even though the fire extinguisher of course makes things a lot easier.
  3. Using a door. Get to the other side of the stairway corridor door and close it. Wait for her to come closer, then open the door straight to her ugly face, then run past her. So simple it's ingenious!
  4. By gliding. If your speed is high enough, she can't catch you while you pass by. This is the fastest method, but by far the hardest.
  5. By stealth. Escape her normally and wait until she calms down. Then sneak behind her until you can get to the umbrella or the extinguisher.

The ward 2 stairway corridor door[edit]

You can lock it from only one side - the side from which you start the level. Seems kind of ironic that you can only lock yourself in with Mina, instead of being able to lock the door and prevent her from following you (which would make a lot more sense design-wise).


At the middle of the level, you have a chance to pass one of the corridors via a small ledge on the hospital's wall - you get there through the window in Room 203. You may not have noticed, but if you examine the window after unveiling the curtains, you yield a still picture of Risa looking outside the window (in addition to a text message).

During the time you're outside, some elements of this game work differently. First of all, you can't open the in-game menu. Secondly, you can't use the FPV or control the camera by other means either (except as outlined below). Thirdly, you can't crouch or run or turn or generally move to any other directions except left or right. Strafing is not allowed either, even though that's what you technically end up doing anyway. Lastly, the Time Attack-display disappears - you genuinely don't lose time during your stay outside.

There are three windows that are of importance to Risa: the first one is the one you came from. It's in Room 203 - you can't go back inside once you're out, for some reason. Your movement is highly restricted, forcing you to go towards Room 202 in any case.

The second window lays in the hallway between 202 and 203, this is the trouble spot. There's a spider nearby who periodically looks at the window. If you're passing by at the wrong time, some very bad things happen - the ensuing events do not work as if it was a normal alert, rather, it's a full-blown special effect which coerces both of the spiders to go and wait at the room 202's entrance (or insides) for your eventual appearance. They stay there even after their alerts fade away, eternally, which mean that Risa's in big trouble if it gets to that.

The last window is where the breezy journey untimely ends. After just walking far enough, a cutscene will automatically take place, and afterwards Risa's inside 202. You can't escape back outside. Just to note: if there are spiders inside the room, watching at the window, they'll not notice Risa even though she's right in front of them on the ledge. Some inconsistency.

After coming back inside from the outside, if you retrace your steps back to the first window inside 203, you see that that window is now unusable as well. No going outside or inside a window in this session ever again!

These kind of special events are not without their bugs. First of all, you can die while you're on the ledge. Climb outside at the very last moment before a spider hits you. The screen fades out – after the cutscene you're outside, but you die instantly. Risa's death animation pushes her upper body through the wall, not to mention that there's something twisted going on with the spider's head's angle afterwards, it's something pretty funny to check out.

Secondly, you can switch the camera angle to a more inconvenient one by sightjacking right about when you're about to emerge onto the ledge. This also works by mashing the first-person view-button.

Thirdly, if you have the umbrella with you and equipped, Risa emerges out from the window holding it (in a funny way). If you remove the umbrella now, her hand is still sticking out as if it was holding the umbrella.

Fourthly, if you crouch right before emerging, Risa will stay crouched at the ledge, but only for a bit. (If you try to move, she instantly rises up, as well as de-crouching very soon even if you don't do anything.)

A music glitch[edit]

The only place where it happens is the window ledge, and there's not good explanation as to why. But its effect is this: all in-game music disappears, except during the times you enter the menu, where it's booming abnormally. Also, the loop of the rain sound starts sounding strange. If you restart, this glitch resets too. If you exit the ledge, the glitch continues, even if for a while it doesn't seem like it. If you enter the map screen, the glitch ends. There's probably nothing more to it.

If you want to try it out, walk around casually, flick flashlight, enter sightjack every now and then. Press Start button during a step, and if you're lucky, this glitch activates. It may just have something to do with opening the start menu on certain frames or something like that.

Kei and Shiro[edit]

They're hanging out at the Ward 1 Examination Room, blissfully ignorant of what's threatening them and most importantly Risa. While they're by themselves, they have a meaningful conversation to which you can sightjack and eavesdrop - it clarifies a couple of things about the plot. After they've had their long conversation, they switch on to two shorter pieces of shallow small talk which repeat on indefinitely.

You may not reach the location where they're at as all the doors are either broken or locked. You may reach their window via the courtyard, but to no avail: they won't hear Risa's shouts. Even smashing the window violently with your umbrella will not help.

Opening the garbage chute[edit]

One of the lesser objectives of this level. You may leave it undone, as it's easy for Shiro to do his mission objective 2 later on without it anyway.

Other things of interest[edit]

  • Look closely at Mina's face. Her new shibito eyes are actually located at her forehead.
  • The fire extinguisher's gush has no effect on the nearby spider.