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The abandoned house. Only about half of the rooms are available, with most of the upstairs locked up and a couple of the rooms downstairs too.

The house accommodates two shibitos, a patroller and a pistol shibito. They're right at the main hall. There appears a new shibito in the house, an "old lady shibito," after you've picked up the pliers upstairs. Also, when replaying there's a new pistol shibito inside the cottage. He'll only appear if you shut the lights off from the cottage - you can't reach to him by any other method.

There's a checkpoint that activates as you exit the house. After you've exited the house, there's no way to get back in.

  • MO1: "Escape from abandoned house with Miyako Kajiro."
  • MO2: "Find scythe embedded in wall."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Visiting storeroom with Miyako.
    • Taking the sake bottle.

Kyoya Suda[edit]

Kyoya is the same and still has his mediocre poker.

His inventory is: a flashlight, poker, screwdriver (if you had picked it up at the previous level) and a key to storeroom (if you had picked it up at his Day 1 - 02:00).

Miyako Kajiro[edit]

This time you don't have to make her follow you much - not at all inside the house, and only for a fleeting bit outside. So this is a much easier level in that respect. Of course you can ask her to come with you and proverbially tug her along, but there's absolutely no need for the most part.

Most of her comments are the same. New comments: If you lose her, she says "I can't see, do it right!" or "Ugh... I can't see." If you wait around too long, she says "Hurry!" or "Time to get moving." or "We got to get moving." If you meet her after a long period of separation, she'll say "About time." or "You're late! We have to hurry!"

When you activate the small cutscene in the storeroom, she'll call Kyoya a "dummy." After she's lost her beaded doll, she says "Forget it."

The storeroom and its cutscenes[edit]

In the first one Kyoya steps on a rotted floorboard and breaks it. The cutscene activates as Kyoya moves to a certain spot in the storeroom. After the animation has passed, Kyoya's position and direction have changed accordingly. You can see Kyoya flicker very quickly when this happens.

In the second one Miyako jumps over the hole on the floor and then notices she has lost something. The cutscene activates as Miyako enters the storeroom. After the cutscene ends, Miyako teleports to the other end of the room. If Kyoya is in the way, he's noticeably pushed aside.

The patroller shibito inside the house[edit]

He goes relentlessly up and down the main corridor, only occasionally entering the rooms nearby. His movements can probably be manipulated - by keeping the flashlight on, by opening unrelated doors, by moving Kyoya around. Either that or it's random.

Many players have complained about his ability to find Miyako while Kyoya's away exploring the house, even though you may not have this problem yourself until you try to activate it on purpose. A way to ease this is to hide Miyako inside the storeroom - there he'll never look.

The revolver shibito inside the house[edit]

He appears both inside and outside of the level, for some unknown reason. If you knock him out inside the house, he'll still be knocked out when you meet him outside. While you're in the house, he never revives after you've knocked him out once.

The old lady shibito[edit]

She awakens when you pick up the pliers. You can sightjack her sight at the next possible moment to see how she's nastily coming out of the toilet. After that she unlocks the bathroom door like shibitos usually do, banging it, then goes to patrol at the corridors, where the other patroller is too.

Other things of interest[edit]

  • You may shout out to the shibito that hangs in the yard through the bathroom window. He'll get suspicious, but you're safe and nothing happens since he can't find you.
  • Examine the feces-smeared toilet by which the old lady shibito entered the house. "It would be too hard to get Miyako out this way." Unfortunately Miyako says no comment when you get her there, it would be interesting to hear her opinion about it.
  • There's a hiding bug in this level. Go to the room with the table-top lighter. Go past the lighter and into the cramped space between the sofas and the nailed up window. Get Miyako there too, then ask her to "Hide." If all goes well, she walks past Kyoya and proceeds to hump the drawer for no good reason at all. Bonus humor points if she says "Got to get moving." while she's doing it.
  • There's an "invisible wall" at the bottom of this house's main stairway. If you run down the stairs at full speed (having ran already for a while) you just slap into something invisible, as if you ran into a wall, even though there's nothing like that there.
  • If you don't have the screwdriver with you while at the house, the game will give you the fake option of "smashing the case" while at the lights breaker of the small cottage, which, when opted, will only give a message that it would be too dangerous because of the noise.