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The townish area of Haraydori. Most of the houses are locked shut, and unlike Arato, you'll never get to visit most of them anyway.

During the first playthrough there are two shibitos less in this area. Later on it'll get two pistol shibitos, one to the north of the starting location and one near the storage shed. Other than that, there are three patrollers and a sniper at the Takaya's house's roof.

  • MO1: "Reach road to Karuwari with Yoriko Anno."
  • MO2: "Listen to in-school announcement while on top of fire tower."
  • Lesser objectives:
    • Unlocking and turning the valve at the river bottom.
    • Shooting a shibito down the well (not mandatory).

Tamon Takeuchi[edit]

Your bad-ass teacher character. His inventory is: a flashlight and a .38 calibre revolver (with a total of 16 bullets).

Yoriko Anno[edit]

Today's sidekick. She's pretty normal, unlike many of them.

If she expects to get pulled up, she says: "Ugh... can you pull me up?" or "Can you pull me up?" If you meet her after a long period of separation, she'll say "Professor Takeuchi? I've been waiting for ages! What were you doing?" or "Is this going to take a while, professor?" If you wait around needlessly, she says "Don't you think we should get moving?" If she's made to run, she says "No! Don't come near me!"

She starts the level by saying "So, I'm supposed to concentrate, and listen to your voice? W-well, I'm seeing something kind of strange..." If you pick up the broken radio, she'll ask "What are we going to do with that piece of junk?" When you unlock the valve, she'll say "It's not very polite to go through other people's things." When you turn the valve, she'll say "Uh-oh, don't blame me if we get into trouble." When you shoot the shibito down the well, she'll say "Right on, professor!" When the school announcement is rung out, she says "What's that? A child's voice?"

The broken radio[edit]

You know it's close when you hear its static. At Yoshimora's house, where it's found, it doesn't do anything to any shibitos in the area. It stops making the noise while you're carrying it. When in the well, it affects one of the shibitos.

Shooting the shibito down the well[edit]

First you must pull up the bucket and put the broken radio down there. Both of them are actions which require you to "have time" for them.

After you've dropped the radio down the well, one of the male patroller shibito's route changes. He shortly arrives at the well and then starts docilely leaning over the edge, in hopes of hearing the static-filled words of wisdom more clearly. If you kill him while he's in this position, or anyhow very close to the well, a cutscene will activate - the shibito drops down the well and disappears from the level thereafter. If you fail to kill him this way the first time, he can be shot down the well any time when he's next to it on later occasions too.

He'll only approach the well after doing a short walk at Takaya's house's yard. Even if he was shot to death right in front of the well, he'll ignore it and go to the yard, before returning and checking out the well. It's a part of his route and it can't be helped.

The shibito won't drop down the well (and you won't activate the cutscene) if you hadn't previously dropped the radio down it, even if you shoot the shibito to death right in front of it. The shibito won't drop down the well if he hadn't leaned over it at some point, even if you shoot him in front of the well and the radio is in the well.

The male patroller shibito is the only shibito you'll be able to drop down the well, although more may be possible if you can get them to look down the well.

Other things of interest[edit]

  • Sure, this place has no landslides, but a close competitor to its splendours is the gappy wooden bridge which forces Tamon to funnily "hop" over a part of it whenever he passes. On a more austere note, Yoriko doesn't say anything when she hops.
  • If you listen carefully, you'll hear the announcement Harumi does at school at the same time some time during this level.