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The half-buildingy, half-foresty Janokubi Valley. Fear this level, as it only has two different paths to cross the river. There's a checkpoint that activates as you light Miyata's car on fire.

  • MO1: "Drive away Shibito Brain."
  • MO2: "Acquire 38 calibre police-issue revolver."

Kyoya Suda[edit]

His inventory is: the poker, a sake bottle (if you had picked it up at the previous level).

Miyako Kajiro[edit]

The last level featuring her as your sidekick.

Some of her comments have changed since the last time. If she gets "lost," she'll say "Just keep looking at me!" or "I can't see! Do it right." or "Ugh! I can't see!" If you wait around a bit, she'll say "We got to get moving." or "Hurry!" If you meet her after a long period of separation, she'll say the same things as before, except also "We're late. We have to hurry!" When you approach the puddle with sake in it she'll ask "What's that smell?"

The shibito brain and his crawler[edit]

One large attraction of this level is the whole ordeal with the shibito brain and his trusty bodyguard, the crazed-up crawler.

There's something wrong with the crawler. First of all, your poker will not make him budge when you attack him. Second of all, Kyoya dies if he gets hit merely twice (unless he can heal before that). Thirdly, the crawler takes at least 4-5 strong hits with the poker before he goes down. Also, he runs much faster than the normal crawlers. One final anomaly with him is the fact that he's completely deaf: you can shout at him all you want and he won't react. This is probably persuasion from the programmers, so that you couldn't mess up their level designs by shouting at unexpected places, etc.

Then there's the brain. He lies near the place where Shiro starts his first mission. You can't get him alerted by shouting at him from the lower parts of the area - the only way to him goes through where the crazed-up crawler sits. He runs faster than anything else you've seen in this game so far. His route works like this: he starts running whenever Kyoya is near. He runs a short segment forward, and stops. If Kyoya is near enough, he continues the next short segment forward. And so on - he can run throughout the whole area indefinitely, in a lap of sorts. If he's not chased by Kyoya anymore and some time passes, he may sometimes go back to the original place from where he left. Sometimes he will not do this, though: it depends on his location. Sometimes he simply moves around the area by himself, aimlessly.

The creators have given you a barricade for catching him, it's inside the ore processing plant, near the entrance. It's actually better to leave it untouched rather than start moving it around. That way he'll at least get momentarily stuck in it. You may use Miyako as an additional barricade, by making her wait at some cramped path or in the middle of the wooden bridge. But it has its own risks.

He'll never consider Kyoya as a normal target, and thus will never try to attack him. But, sometimes the screen flashes red as he encounters Miyako - and when this happens she may very well end up dead. He can attack perfectly well if he wants to, especially if Kyoya is not there to drive him away.

Miyata's Car[edit]

You're supposed to light this car on fire in order to lure the crazed-up crawler away from his precious shibito brain. Simultaneously you'll activate this level's checkpoint. But you may complete MO1 even without doing this.

After the cutscene activates, the crawler (and only that particular crawler) is attracted towards the fire. His new route is now nearby the car, sometimes staring at the flames, but he'll still respond to you if you go and whack him with your poker or if he sees you.

A bug you may encounter: If you escape from the crawler when he emerges from the woods near the burning car, even if you get hit, you may notice that the crawler stops chasing you and stares at the flames docilely. You can attack him, and he won't respond in any way, he just kept staring at the flames! You can win the fight, but it's unclear why this happens.

The puddle[edit]

It's a specific location on this level, a small body of water which you make electrified (or unelectrified) with the simple pull of the lever. When it's electrified Kyoya regards its edges as some sort of walls, not being to able to reach the water at all. Miyako too will avoid it instinctively (meaning she can't walk into it), but will nonetheless die if she hits a certain edge carelessly - as do all the enemies. A trick with the crawlers is to have them die at that certain edge – when they wake up, they'll die instantly again if they're still touching the puddle's edge. Or you may even kill them inside the puddle and keep it solely electrified after that.

The police officer[edit]

Another appearing shibito - he enters the level as you approach the puddle from any direction. In this part you must conform and actually do what the game recommends you to, luring in him with booze and then electrifying him. It is possible to kill him with your poker – he's weak and dies of two strong hits - but he'll not drop his pistol unless you shock him up properly.

The police officer dies if you shock him up with the puddle, but the cutscene of him dropping the weapon only activates if he's very specifically drinking from the puddle at that time. If he's just standing there for no reason (but not drinking the puddle - this will not actually happen unless you've previously killed him in that spot and he's just getting up) he dies again, with possibly a juicy graphical glitch, but no weapon. After you've shocked him the proper manner, he'll never get up again during this level.

Other things of interest[edit]

  • This is one of the few levels in this game where there are needless enemies at the exit - for example, beyond Miyata's car. They are only there to illustrate a point, "Run, and they'll just catch up..." In normal circumstances, you'd never have to go there. In fact, you'd never want to go up there. For some reason, these crawlers are even more beefed up than the one guarding shibito brain, killing Kyoya in one (strong) hit! The ultimate fighting challenge of this game?
  • The flames of the burning car do not hurt you.
  • There's a landslide here too! (Near the starting location.) Too bad you can't lure the shibito brain there to make him marvel at its naturalistic glories.
  • The sub-goal message you get after picking up the lighter is sometimes empty.
  • Miyata's Car's registration plate is completely blank.
  • There's a slight overlook with the level comments. If you examine the car after you've lit it on fire, it'll say "Raging flames consume the car, producing clouds of billowing, black smoke." Then, if you die or retry and return to the "car lighted up" checkpoint, examining the car yields only "Gasoline is dripping from the chassis," as if the car wasn't lit at all.