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Winning condition: -Death of Bernhart
Losing condition:  -Death of Elwin
Items: Flame Lance, Dragon Slayer, Odin's Buckler, Angel Wing,
Heroes: All

  Level 1:
  Vargas AT 83 DF 54 Devil Axe, Chain mail, Necklace
                     Armored Soldier x4, Heavy Horseman x2

  Level 2:
  Imelda AT 72 DF 56 Wand, Large Shield, Necklace
                     Armored Soldier x4, Heavy Horseman x2

  Level 3:
  Leon AT 93 DF 69 Flame Lance, ?, Necklace
                   Royal Horseman x4, Dark Soldier x2
  Laird AT 71 DF 49 Flame Lance, Plate Armor, Necklace
                    Royal Horseman x4, Dark Soldier x2
  Demon Lord AT 75 DF 60 Elemental x6

  Level 4:
  Egbert AT 68 DF 56 Dark Rod, Mirage Robe, Orb, Elemental x6

  Level 5:
  Bosel AT 81 DF 57 Alhazard, Mirage Robe, Orb
                    Archdemon x4, Elemental x2
( Demon Lord AT 75 DF 60 Archdemon x6 ) x2

  Level 6:
  Bernhart AT 99 DF 72 Alhazard, Assault Suit, Gyaral Horn
                       Dark Soldier x4, Ballista x2

Getting through this scenario requires having insanely high stats, and that means using multiple runestones. If you want to be able to beat it without excessive level skipping, start the game, choose your favorite character, and give all experience to him/her. You should choose either Elwin or Sherry because they start out closest to you. Masayan Sword helps a lot. To reach this scenario, from the title screen, go to the load menu and press Left dpad, Right dpad, Start button, C button. You will then be able to access all scenarios in the game, including this one.

Your characters come into this scenario split, with forced placement. You control only Elwin and Hain, all other heroes are NPCs. Each time you defeat the main enemy leader on a level, all characters on that level will come under your control. The chance of you 'saving' any of the characters on the upper levels is pretty low. Vargas, Imelda, and the Blue Dragon Knight crew will all attack aggressively the NPCs on their level, then move on to you. Bosel and Bernhart will stay where they are and defend themselves. Egbert and Bosel's demons will attack Bernhart for some reason. If you give the 'captured' characters AI other than manual before this mission, their troops will follow that AI. They will also heal themselves if they get hurt.

There isn't much to say about tactics in this scenario... either you have high stats, or you don't. Try to keep a magic user alive - Hain is a good choice, since he starts in the same general area as Elwin and Sherry. Use magic to hit the enemy leaders before the fighting character attacks, so that s/he will never take more than 9 damage. Remember, a warlock does as much damage to Bernhart as a zarvera when using magic. You can use the narrow passageways in between floors to prevent enemies from swarming you, or from killing Hain. Heal2 is extremely helpful if you manage to rescue a character who has it.

Note: The music for the enemy phase in this scenario changes to the theme music of whatever enemy hero you're fighting.