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Wii Remote & Nunchuk Wii Classic Controller PlayStation 3 Action
Neutral nunchuk Neutral lstick or Neutral dpad Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick Move (tap twice to run)
Neutral dpad Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Move camera
Plus button Plus button Start button Pause
C button B button Cross button Jump/Recovery/Mount horse
Z button L button L1 button Guard/Parry
1 button Minus button Select button Taunt/Ally assist
A button X button Square button Normal Arts
Neutral nunchuk + B button Neutral lstick + X button Neutral lstick + Triangle button Second Special Art
Z button + B button R button R1 button Third Special Art
A button + B button L button + X button L1 button + Triangle button Fourth Special Art
A button + B button + Z button Y button R2 button Super Art
Minus button Zl button L2 button Hero Time
Swing Remote button A button Circle button BASARA Art
Minus button + swing Remote button Zl button + A button L2 button + Circle button Ultimate BASARA Art