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RuneScape contains a very extensive chat system, consisting of a chat filter, to remove offensive words, and chat effects, often used to make important text more visible. The chat filter is often criticized for its often meaninglessly censoring of words that don't require it and being easy to bypass. It also contains a way to Private Message (PM) other players, so they can chat privately anywhere in RuneScape.

Chat effects[edit]

To change your chat colors, simply type in the color name, then a colon (:) and then your text. For example red:Hello world! would yield Hello world! In addition to colors, you can also add chat animations, which appear on the screen.

Chat effects can also be combined to create a colored animation. For example red:wave:Hello World! would result in a wavy, red "Hello World!". Just remember that all combined effects must be in this format: color:animation:text.


Color Code Effect
cyan: Light Blue Text
green: Green Text
purple: Purple Text
red: Red Text
white: White Text
Animation Code Effect
flash1: Text changes from red to yellow quickly.
flash2: Text changes from blue to cyan quickly.
flash3: Text changes green to light green quickly.
glow1: Text cycles red to blue.
glow2: Text cycles red to purple to blue.
glow3: Text cycles white to green to blue.
scroll: Text scrolls from right to left.
shake: Text shakes.
slide: Text slides in from top, then out to bottom.
wave: Text waves up and down.
wave2: Text waves from left to right.