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Difficulty: Easy

Starting Point: The mountain camp east of Rellekka


Skills: Lvl 20 Agility, Must be able to defeat a lvl 70 monster (The Kendal)

Items: Rope, plank, gloves, hatchet

Reward: 1,000 Attack Xp, 2,00 Prayer Xp, Bear Helmet


1 Start

Talk to the cheiftan in the mountain camp. Go east from Rellekka until you find a swaying tree. Go northeast to find a path to the mountains. Here you will find some rocks. If you try to climb them, the guard will stop you. Now take a small path north of him. You will come to a boulder with a push option. Stand south of it and use your rope on it. You will go down to the path behind the guard. Walk further east to the camp and find Hamal the cheiftan. Talk to him to start the quest. He will tell you that his daughter is missing. You can now pass through the guard without using your rope.


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