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Crafting is probably the most diverse skill in Runescape.Using crafting you may make pottery leather items such as coifs and boots, jewelry (which may be enchanted using the magic skill), glass items, and even battle staffs for magic. At time of writing, there are a total of 81 finished items which can be made using the crafting skill.

Crafting is a stat that can come with reward particularly at the higher levels where it can be one of the better money making skills in the game.

The runescape community as a whole is rather divided when it comes to the best way of leveling crafting. Many highly suggest killing cows and using their hides for leather-crafting, whereas some of the more unique players prefer the more processed way of mining clay and making pottery. Both have their pros and cons, leather working uses money but is substationally quicker while clay working is rather hands-on and free but a longer process which, many players dislike attributing to "boredom".

Silver crafting is typically considered one of the best ways to level up Crafting from the mid-levels onward with a steady experience flow and being one of the easier ores to mine in comparison to gold. Leather-crafting however still remains a good way to level up crafting even when silver becomes accessiable especially with money, whereas clay-working is usually pointless at this stage.

Those of good combat level however tend to either kill dragons for their hides or actually buy dragonhides in attempt to continue their experience flow. Glass working on Entrana is another viable option for experience and levels although many consider it rather tedious. Jewellery making is another option although this requires a decent mining level and in most cases access to vast quantities of gold ore typically found in the crafting guild.

It is worth mentioning that low level members will find that a good amount of cash can be made from spinning flax into bowstrings at seer's village. They only require level 10 crafting to make but since they take a long time to accumulate in high numbers most high level fletchers prefer to buy them and they do so for 100-150 gp per bowstring. It is an amazing source of income and 15 experience points are also gained for every string, making it a good source of crafting experience for low- to mid-level crafters.

Availability based on level[edit]

The following is a list of what new items a player can make once a certain crafting skill level is attained. Go to the specific item pages for instructions on how to make them.

Crafting lvl required New items available Item type Notes Memebers only
1 Cut opal Yes
1 Leather gloves No
1 Pot No
1 Beer Glass No
4 Candle Lantern Yes
5 Gold ring No
6 Gold Necklace No
7 Pie Dish No
7 Leather Boots No
8 Gold Amulet No
8 Bowl No
9 Leather Cowl No
10 Bowstrings Yes
11 Leather Vambraces No
12 Oil lamp Yes
13 Cut jade Yes
14 Leather body armour No
15 Snail Shell Helmet No
16 Holy Symbol No
16 Cut red topaz Yes
17 Unholy symbol Yes
18 Leather Chaps No
19 Plant pot Yes
19 Magic String Yes
20 Cut Sapphire No
20 Sapphire Ring No
21 Vegetable Sack Yes
22 Sapphire Necklace No
23 Tiara No
24 Sapphire Amulet No
25 Pot Lid Yes
27 Cut Emerald No
27 Emerald Ring No
28 Hard leather body armour No
29 Emerald Necklace No
31 Emerald Amulet No
33 Vial Yes
34 Cut Ruby No
34 Ruby Ring No
36 Fruit basket Yes
38 Leather Coif Yes
40 Ruby Necklace No
40 Crafting Guild Access N/A This is not an item. No
41 Studded Leather Body Armour Non-membership players can use this item even though they can’t make it. Yes
42 Fishbowl Yes
43 Cut Diamond No
43 Diamond Ring No
44 Studded Leather Chaps Non-membership players can use this item even though they can’t make it. Yes
45 Snakeskin boots Yes
46 Staff Orb Yes
47 Snakeskin Vambraces Yes
48 Snakeskin Bandana Yes
49 Lantern Lens Yes
50 Ruby Amulet No
51 Snakeskin Chaps Yes
53 Snakeskin Body Yes
54 Water Battlestaff Yes
55 Cut Dragonstone Yes
55 Dragonstone Ring Yes
56 Diamond Necklace No
57 Green Dragonhide Vambraces Non-membership players can use this item even though they can’t make it. Yes
58 Earth Battlestaff Yes
60 Green Dragonhide Chaps Non-membership players can use this item even though they can’t make it. Yes
62 Fire Battlestaff Yes
63 Green Dragonhide Body Non-membership players can use this item even though they can’t make it. Yes
66 Air Battlestaff Yes
66 Blue Dragonhide Vambraces Yes
67 Cut Onyx No
67 Onyx Ring No
68 Blue Dragonhide Chaps Yes
70 Diamond Amulet No
71 Blue Dragonhide Body Yes
72 Dragonstone Necklace Yes
73 Red Dragonhide Vambraces Yes
75 Red Dragonhide Chaps Yes
77 Red Dragonhide Body Yes
79 Black Dragonhide Vambraces Yes
80 Dragonstone Amulet Yes
82 Black Dragonhide Chaps Yes
82 Onyx Necklace Yes
84 Black Dragonhide Body Yes
90 Onyx Amulet Yes