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Name Level(s) Hits Aggressive Will Flee Quest Members only Poisonous Drops Locations Information
Dagannoth supreme 303 ??? ??? ??? ??? Yes ???
Dagannoth rex 303 ??? ??? ??? ??? Yes ???
Dagannoth prime 305 ??? ??? ??? ??? Yes ???
Chaos elemental 305 ??? ??? ??? ??? Yes ??? It can drop the Dragon two-handed sword. This extremely strong monster is west of the Rogues Den, in 52 Wilderness. It can use magic and melee attacks and can teleport you around the battlefield. Also, it can make you take off your armor and weapon and return it to your inventory. A key tactic while fighting the Chaos Elemental is to have your inventory full at all times. That way he wont be able to remove any of your equipment.
Kalphite queen 333 269 Yes ??? ??? Yes ??? There is a chance of dropping the Dragon Chain (Rumours say 1 in 40). The Kalphite Queen is the third strongest monster in Runescape.

Usually you will need a team of people to defeat this powerful insect. In its first form, the Kalphite Queen uses a prayer that nullifies Magic/Range attacks, so concentrate on Melee. After you beat this first form, you must fight it again, except this one is a wasp that nulls Melee (which makes you use range or mage). You can also use Verac's Armor which breaks through prayer.

other notes
  • bring 2 ropes, or have friends bring a rope and you bring one
  • have a very large team
  • bring good items, but not if they're extremely expensive and you have a chance of being killed
  • dragonhide works well on her, but not unless its blue or over.
Ket-zek 360 ??? Yes No No Yes ??? TzHaar Fight Caves Minigame This thing is stronger than the Kalphite queen!
TzTok-jad 702 312 Yes No No Yes No Found in the TzHaar Fight Caves drop nothing the fire cape is gained on defeating him.

"This is going to hurt..." He will attack with all three types of attacks. Staying at a good distance from him to prevent him from using melee attacks and switching between magic and range protect prayers while ranging or maging him is the best way to defeat the boss. Defeating him will teleport you out of the arena. Beware, he is very powerful and can one-hit all but the very best (90+ hp).