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The Lost Vikings
Box artwork for The Lost Vikings.
Developer(s) Silicon & Synapse
Publisher(s) Interplay Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment
Designer(s) Ronald Millar Sr.
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Platform, Puzzle
System(s) Commodore Amiga, Commodore Amiga CD32, Game Boy Advance, MS-DOS, Sega Genesis, SNES, Atari ST
Players 1-2
Followed by The Lost Vikings II
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The Lost Vikings tells the story of three Vikings that have been abducted by space aliens. Each of the three Vikings has a unique ability that must be utilized to reach the exit in each level. The game is a puzzle-oriented platform game, with the Vikings running and jumping around in a side-scrolling alien spaceship, and the player determining how to use the Vikings' abilities to interact with the environment so that all Vikings can reach the exit.

Table of Contents

Getting Started