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This level is pretty straightforward, but it's filled with those annoying rolling cavemen. Start by having Olaf and Baleog descend the ladder, and then descend the ladder next it so they can kill the rolling caveman at the bottom. This is just so one of the vikings can get the fruit that the caveman was guarding. Now, have Olaf and Baleog go back up the ladder and to the right to take care of the blue lizard there, and have them climb up the next ladder to destroy the snail at the top. Baleog must shoot the stalactites to the right to make them fall into the lava pool so the vikings can cross. Once a bridge across the lava is made, have Olaf and Baleog continue across it, defeating enemies as they go. On the other side of the lava pool are two ladders, and at the very top is a statue that shoots fireballs. Olaf must block the fireballs so Erik can go up there and break the grey wall with his head, and then Baleog must shoot the switch to lower the bridge over the next lava pool. To the right of this lava pool, have Erik and Baleog fall onto the ledge just below where they will be safe from the fireball-spitting statue, and then have Olaf go to the right and join them. If a viking falls from the small ledge on the right and moves left against the wall, he will pass through a false wall and collect a hidden piece of meat. At the bottom of the ladder are two more rolling cavemen and another lava pool, that again has a switch that must be hit by Baleog's arrow. After the third and final lava pool can be crossed, the exit can be reached.