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Password: 8BLL

In this level, each viking must take a different route to get three keys, which must all be used to open the door to the exit. First, have Baleog go left and get on the moving platform, then shoot an arrow left so it hits the target and opens the door. Now go through the doorway and spring up the shaft, and then switch to Olaf and have him join Baleog at the top. Olaf needs to walk to the right so he can block the enemies. There are two on this floor, and two on the floor above, and all of them can be defeated safely by Baleog if Olaf blocks them with his shield first. For the enemies near the conveyor belts, have Olaf walk until the enemy appears, then turn around and run back off the conveyor belt so he can block them effectively. There are two pieces of food along the way, which are best given to Baleog because he may need them later. Defeat the two enemies on this floor, then spring up to the next one and defeat the two enemies there. Now have Baleog walk left and get on the moving platform, and fire arrows at the three targets to open the door. Olaf needs to return to the starting point so he can take another route. After Baleog opens the door, walk through and get the blue key, then go through the teleporter and defeat the enemy on the other side. Use the blue key, and Baleog's mission is complete.

Switch to Olaf and have him return to the starting point if he hasn't already. Glide down the shaft with the spikes, and when Olaf reaches the bottom use the pump to float up and to the right. He'll run out of air, but he can glide down to another pump and use it to float up and right again. Glide right towards the waterfall, and Olaf can land on a platform with another pump. Use it to float then deflate and glide down, heading right the whole time. Olaf will reach a shaft with springboards he can use to ascend and get the gold key. Go right to reach a teleporter which leads to Baleog's location and use the key.

Now only Erik remains to reach the exit. Go right of the starting position and use the springboards to cross the spikes to reach a shaft. Spring up the shaft, but watch out for the faces in the walls that shoot 8-balls. Remember that Erik springs higher by holding the jump button. Once Erik is at the top, go left along the conveyor belt and jump onto the yellow-and-blue blocks. They disintegrate after about one second so quickly head right, jumping from block to block to get the red key, then fall down onto the conveyor belt in the spike pit. Jump to the left and Erik reaches the teleporter, which brings him to the exit location.