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Password: CMB0

First, have Olaf and Baleog walk to the left and use the springboards to ascend the shaft. At the top, their progress is hindered by a pit with spikes. Switch to Erik and have him use the springboards to the right of the starting position so he can get to the three switches underneath the spikes. Now have Erik flip the switch on the right and the one in the middle, and have the other two vikings walk onto the platform that appears above the spikes. Move Olaf and Baleog so that they are half-on and half-off the new platform, and have Erik flip the switch in the middle. Have Olaf walk to the right and drop off the ledge so he pick up the two bombs and block the green creature, and then Baleog can kill it. They are once again halted by a pit with spikes, so switch to Erik and have him get onto the moving platform to his right. Ride it down and jump onto the platform that moves horizontally so Erik can get the blue key, and keep going right until he reaches three more switches. Flip the right and left switches so Olaf and Baleog can walk onto the platform, then switch the middle switch so they can reach the other side. Don't worry about the piston, it can be blocked if Olaf holds his shield over his head. Once they reach the other side, have Olaf drop down and walk right so he can use a bomb to destroy the green-and-purple floor. Now he needs to glide down and press the button so the platform starts moving, and once Olaf reaches the bottom switch to Baleog and have him walk right and get on the moving platform so he can reach the next three switches. Now have Erik use the springboards to jump up and to the right, and have Baleog flip the middle switch and the right switch. Once Erik is on the platform, flip the right switch and move Erik more to the right, then flip the left switch so Erik can reach the elevator past the spikes. Ride the elevator down and pick up the other vikings (Olaf should be on the bottom level) and take all three back to the top. Have Olaf glide down the shaft to the right, moving left and right to avoid the energy fields, and he can get the red key at the bottom. The other two can ride back down the elevator to meet Olaf. Give the blue key to Olaf so he has both keys, and have Olaf walk left and ride the bubbles up to the two keyholes. Use both keys so the other vikings can ride the bubbles up to the exit.