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The fireballs are visible from the beginning, so start by having Olaf walk to the right with his shield in front of him. Have Olaf stand as close to the fireball-spitting statue as possible, and then have Erik bash the statue with his head. The head bash must be timed correctly so Erik does not get hit by a fireball. Once the statue is smashed, a rolling caveman will appear so have Baleog destroy it so the red key can be obtained. Now have Olaf climb the ladder where there is another fireball-spitting statue. Again, have Erik bash it with his head and this time a red lizard will appear, and the vikings can pick up a steak. Now Olaf should climb the next ladder, walk right and climb the other two ladders there so he and Baleog can defeat the rolling caveman at the top so the vikings can get the food there. To the left, a caged cavewoman is visible. If Baleog uses his arrows to shoot the lock, Erik can jump over to the cage and talk to the cavewoman. She says she will use her psychic powers to halt the fireballs that will be encountered later in the cave. Now, make sure Erik has the red key and have him head to the right where there is a lava pool. If the vikings didn't talk to the caged cavewoman, there will be fireballs issuing from this lava pool that can be avoided by using Olaf's shield and the proper timing. Right on the other side of the lava pool is the red keyhole. When the red key is used, the lava pool disappears so it's safe to have the vikings proceed. Have all three fall down into where the lava pool was and have Olaf get onto the ladder. If a viking falls down the ladderwell and moves left, he will pass through a false wall to an area with two rolling cavemen and a steak. Have Olaf and Baleog fight for the steak, then have Olaf get back onto the ladder and descend so he and Baleog can take out the rolling caveman at the bottom. Now all three vikings need to ride the bubble up to the next ledge, and get off on the left. Don't walk far, though, because fireballs start falling from the ceiling. Olaf is safe if he holds his shield over his head while he walks so have him walk to the left and push the block there so it falls into the floor. Now all three vikings can walk left past the falling fireballs and descend the ladder to the exit.