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Start by having Baleog walk to the right so he can clear out the two hopping soldiers there. Then have Erik go to the right and up the ladder, where he can jump to the right towards the waterfall so he moves through a false wall. Through the wall he can descend a ladder to get a steak. Now have Erik go to the left, where there is a moving platform with spikes above and below. Each viking must ride the platform to cross the spikes. On the other side is a fast moving elevator, but it won't crush the vikings like the one in the last level. Have Baleog ride to the top first so he can kill the two hopping soldiers there. Then have Erik join him at the top. Before Olaf rides all the way to the top, he must jump off to the left and fall down a shaft to get the red key. Olaf can make use of the shield for a slow drop. There is a piece of fruit at the top of the shaft that he can pick up on his way down. After Olaf has the red key, have him ride the fast eleveator to the top to join the other vikings. Have them all walk to the right where the next elevator must be activated by the red key. Erik can ride this elevator up and carefully get the fruit there. Then Erik has to ride the elevator to the bottom, where there are corridors with deadly mummies. The mummies can easily be avoided by running and jumping, and Erik should proceed to the top corridor where the blue key is in the center. Now have Erik return to the elevator and ride back up so he can use the key to open the door at the top. Then have Baleog go through the doorway and descend the ladder so he can kill the hopping soldier there. Next, have Erik go through the doorway and climb up the ladder there. He will come to a ledge in front of an empty space. As soon as Erik falls out into the pit, large blocks will start falling from the ceiling. The blocks fall in even columns until they are four blocks high. They must stack up for Erik to proceed, but if they fall on Erik he will be crushed. There is no easy way to avoid all the blocks, but one method is to stick near the right side of the pit and once the blocks on the far right are stacked all the way to the top, have Erik jump back to the ledge he started on and wait until all blocks have finished falling. Alternatively, if Erik can avoid being crushed until any column reaches its maximum height of four blocks, he can jump on top of the column and safely wait until all blocks have fallen. The blocks form a floor so Erik can run to the left, where he can push the block there so it falls down the shaft. That block makes a bridge across the spikes at the bottom so all vikings can proceed to the exit.