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This might be the most difficult level so far, and it is filled with dangerous mummies whose touch will instantly change a viking into a mummy himself. Also, Baleog's arrows are useless against the mummies, only his sword is effective. First, have Olaf walk to the right, where a green snake is hiding in the ground. The snake attacks by raising its head above the ground every few seconds and firing a projectile, and then quickly hiding again so it cannot be hurt. To defeat it, have Olaf walk to the right of the snake where he will be on level ground (remember that touching the snake directly will not hurt a viking) and turn around so he is facing the snake with his shield in front of him. Now have Baleog stand in the same spot so he can be protected by Olaf's shield, and fire arrows at the snake when it shows its head. After it's defeated, have Erik go to the right, grabbing the bomb near the start and then smashing the nearby grey wall with his head. Further to the right is the red key below an automatic elevator. Erik must be swift when he grabs the key because if the elevator moves down on top of him, he will be crushed. Also beware of the spikes above when riding the elevator up. Before using the red key to open the door above the elevator, switch to Olaf.

Olaf must take his own path through this level. Have Olaf walk back to where the vikings started and descend the ladder there. Ignore the fruit on the ledge with the mummy, as it is just bait so the mummy can kill Olaf. Use Olaf's shield to glide to the right, where he can grab another ladder that is suspended from the ceiling. Olaf must continue gliding to the right from ladder to ladder while avoiding the dripping green ooze. At the top of the fourth ladder is the blue key. After getting the key, keep gliding to the right until Olaf descends to a ledge with the blue keyhole. Use the key to open the door to the exit, then climb the ladder there. When Olaf is near the top, a mummy can be seen on the floor above him. Wait until the mummy is far to the left, then climb onto that floor and walk to the left so Olaf can use his shield to pin the mummy on the left side. This will protect the other vikings from the mummy as they approach the same point.

Now for the difficult part. Switch back to Erik, who should be near the red keyhole with a bomb handy. Use the key to open the door, but have Erik avoid the mummy by jumping over it. Further to the right is another mummy. Erik can use the bomb to kill one of them (or both if he's lucky or has mad skills) to save him from being killed later. Regardless, Erik must run to the right past the second mound, and there is a hidden ladder which he can descend. By holding down on the control pad and running to the right, Erik will descend the ladder as soon as he can. Just be sure to avoid the deadly touch of the mummies. At the bottom of the ladder is a room with a piece of fruit and a flaming arrow. It's best to ignore the fruit and just go for the arrow, because there are two more of those annoying green snakes in the room. Grab the arrow quickly and climb the ladder. Erik will probably be shot by the snakes while trying to climb the ladder, but that's better than being touched by the mummies. When the mummies above are in a convenient position, Erik must climb all the way up the ladder and run back to the left, past the elevator to where Baleog should be waiting and give the flaming arrow to Baleog. When Baleog uses the flaming arrow, his arrows can kill the mummies. Now have Baleog ride the elevator and clear the way of any remaining mummies. Erik needs to follow Baleog because there is another grey wall that needs to be smashed before they can proceed. After the wall (and another mummy) is a shaft with a series of ledges. Have Erik descend first so he can get the other bomb there. Then have Erik jump so he can get in a position to drop the bomb on the mummy below. After that is done, Baleog can go down the shaft until he gets to Olaf's location. Kill the mummy that Olaf is guarding, and all vikings can descend the ladder to the exit.