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This level has some creative uses for Baleog's arrows. First, have Olaf descend the ladder near the starting point and use his shield to block the robot on the right. Now have Baleog descend the same ladder and walk past the blocked robot so he can shoot an arrow at the button on the right and open the shaft above. Now have Baleog walk back left and descend the elevator, and shoot arrows through the narrow hole in the wall on the right to destroy the bricks there. Just hold down Y Button so Baleog will draw his bow, and keep moving the elevator up and down to get him in position to fire arrows through the narrow hole. Once the bricks are destroyed, have Baleog ride the elevator down to the next level and destroy the buzzsaw robot there, and walk to the right where there is a piece of fruit and another hole in the wall through which he must shoot to destroy more bricks. Now have Baleog ride the elevator back to the top, and bring both him and Olaf to the starting position. Give the fruit to Olaf, because he is the most likely the be hurt in this level. Now switch to Erik and have him go right and jump from brick to brick so he can cross the spikes. The bricks dissolve after about one second so Erik must be swift. When he gets to the other side, there is a red button that is out of reach. Have Erik stand near the button, then switch to Baleog who should be at the starting position. Have Baleog shoot an arrow in Erik's direction, and switch to Erik so the game screen moves with the arrow. Otherwise, when the arrow reaches the edge of the screen it ceases to exist. When the arrow hits the switch, a bridge appears so Olaf can cross the spikes, but for now leave Olaf and Baleog at the starting position. Have Erik fall down the shaft near the red button, and jump up to the right and fall down the shaft there. It's a long fall, but he won't be hurt because of the springboard at the bottom. Now he has to jump from platform to platform to ascend to the red key's location. It's not difficult, but if Erik misses a platform and falls he'll be hurt. The red key is at the top, and once Erik gets it he has to fall down another shaft to the left, where he will again be saved by a springboard. Walk to the left of this spring board and open the door there with the red key. Now Erik can wait at the exit while the other vikings make their own way. Next, have Olaf across the bridge over the spikes, collecting a bomb on the way, and fall down the shaft on the other side, and then walk left and glide down the shaft that Baleog opened earlier. Avoid the spikes by gliding back and forth, and at the bottom is a red button and piece of fruit that are protected by a robot. It's hard to avoid being hit by this robot, which is why it's best for Baleog to give the fruit to Olaf at the beginning of the level. Try using the bomb to destroy the robot; otherwise, Olaf might have to take a couple hits, but in any regard he will be able to press the red button to deactivate the energy field in the elevator shaft. Have Olaf walk to the right and fall off the ledge, where he can get to the exit with Erik. Now switch to Baleog, who should be back at the starting position, and have him descend the ladder and get back on the elevator, only this time since the energy field was deactivated he can ride the elevator all the way to the bottom and reach the exit.