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Password: CBLT

A lot of bombs are found in this level, and all but one must be used to reach the exit so only one can be wasted. Start by having Erik climb the ladder and walk right past the springboard to get a bomb. Then go back to the springboard and bounce up the shaft and use the bomb to destroy the buzzsaw robot at the top to get three more bombs. Now go back down the shaft and walk left, and use a bomb on the energy field's power source by jumping over the pit and dropping a bomb on top of it. Once the machine is destroyed, have Erik join the other vikings at the starting point, and have all three walk right past the piston to a see-saw. Have Olaf stand on the right of the see-saw, and then have Erik jump onto the left side so Olaf can get onto the nearby automatic elevator. Have Olaf stay on the elevator with his shield facing to the left so he can protect himself and Baleog from the turret on the left side. Now have Baleog get onto the see-saw so he can get onto the elevator with Olaf, and have Baleog shoot arrows at the two buttons on the right side to open the two doors at the bottom. Now have Baleog and Olaf fall off the elevator, and have Erik stand on the right side of the see-saw so he can be sprung up to the elevator. Ride the elevator to the top and jump off to the right, and use one of the bombs to destroy the power source there just as before. Now have Erik go back down to where the other two are, and have Olaf walk to the right with his shield in front of him to block the robot there. One of the other vikings can walk to the right to get a bomb which can be used to destroy the robot that Olaf is blocking, but keep in mind that if the vikings have no bombs at this point then this one must be saved. Now have all three vikings get on the elevator and go up. At the top, Erik can break the wall to the right to get hidden fruit. Now have all three vikings go to the left past the pistons and use a bomb to destroy the grey blocks at the end of the corridor. Have Baleog fall off the ledge and use the springboard to get onto the automatic elevator. Shoot the two switches on the left to open the door on the ledge above, and all vikings can reach the exit.