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  • Password: WRLR

Start with inflating Erik so he can float to the ladder which is located to the left of where they stand. Go left and down so you can turn the switch, which turns on the fan below him. Then make a jump to the left and get the bomb. Go back to where the ladder is and jump to the platform above the ladder. Go left and plant the bomb next to the colorful blocks. Return to where the ladder is and go left again, now jump on to the blocks that fell down in order to turn the switch above. Afterwards, go back and use the teleporter you found.

Now switch to Olaf, inflate him and float to the left to where the fan is that went on when Erik turned the switch. Inflate yourself again and float over to the other side of the spikes. Inflate yourself again and float up to the next pump. Use it and float up to another pump, next to a fan, which should be turned off if you did Erik's part correctly. Use the pump to get the red key above.

Glide all the way down to the pump with the fan, inflate Olaf turn on the switch, and float over to the other side and then glide back to where you started the level.

Switch to whoever have the red key, naturally it should be Olaf, glide, by using his shield, to the pump to the right, inflate him and float up to use the red key in the key hole. This will turn off the fan where you have the rest of the group.

Get them all up to the next pump, set Olaf in position with his shield down as close as you can get to the spikes. Get Baleog on the platform that is going in circles, here you'll find an alien Baleog, you shouldn't have any trouble shooting him and the button that you'll see once you're on the platform. Once you're done, get Olaf on the platform, go to the right and inflate Olaf, float over to the right and get the key, deflate and glide back.

So, inflate Olaf again and float up, use the blue key in the key hole let Olaf be carried by the wind to the left. Here's a tricky part. Either you get the item that incinerates all enemies on the screen, (It's hidden in a passage in a wall to the most right of the level.) or do jump up with Olaf, run all the way to the right and guard with the shield, then had Baleog repeat what Olaf did, run to Olaf and shoot the jumping enemy from behind Olaf's shield. When safe, get Erik there too. Then let Baleog and Erik jump down to the left, where another pump is located. And last but not least get Olaf there too.

Now choose whomever you want, inflate, glide over to the button, push it and deflate and fall to the right. Good advice is to deflate once you get near where the laser was. Now repeat this with the other two, except pushing the button.

Fall down on the spring and jump to the right where the exit is and you've completed the level.