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Password: WKYY

Begin by having Olaf walk to the right and fall into the small pit. Place Olaf's shield over his head and it'll make a bridge for Baleog to cross. Now have Baleog go right and climb the ladder, and get on the automatic elevator to the left. Shoot all the targets on the sides of the shaft to open the door at the top, and then stay on the elevator to keep riding it up and down while Baleog fires arrows to destroy the creature at the top. Once the top ledge is clear, get off the elevator to get a bomb and the red key. Ride back down and use the red key, which opens up the two shafts in the floor. Quickly switch to Olaf so he can avoid the spikes below him and have Olaf drift down and to the right to get on the ladder. There is a moving platform to the right of the ladder, but it's not necessary to use it to proceed. Olaf can just glide to the next ledge if he starts by climbing the ladder all the way to the top. Now Olaf comes across a teleporter. Have him wait there and switch to Erik. Erik must go to the right of the starting position, past the ladder, and jump onto the conveyor belts above the spikes. Keep jumping up and he can reach the blue key. Continue on into the shaft with the bubbles. Fall down the shaft and go to the right, descend the ladder there and the blue keyhole can be seen to the right. Use the blue key to open the door to the exit. Now switch to Baleog, who should be near the starting point where he used the red key. Have him fall into the shaft on the left and use the bomb to destroy the purple floor. Fall again and he will be on a conveyor belt that tries to move him into an energy field. Shoot the target on the left to deactivate the energy before Baleog is toasted. Now fall down again and kill the creature below and shoot the chain that is holding the large block. The block falls so Baleog can continue his descent, but if he falls straight down the next shaft he will be killed. Fall down the shaft and to the right to land on small ledge, then go left to the teleporter. Use it to be sent to Olaf's location, and have Baleog and Olaf walk to the right so they can join Erik at the exit.