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Password: BTRY

This stage is very difficult, because it's filled with hazards that can easily kill the vikings. The vikings start next to a contraption that takes three ingredients to make a battery, which can then be used to open the door to the exit. Start by having Erik walk to the right and ride the elevator to the bottom. Erik must walk to the left, avoiding the blades that come from the floor and ceiling. It's not hard to time the movements to avoid the blades, and there is enough space in between them so Erik can pause after passing each one, but be careful because touching a blade means instant death. Past the blades to the left is the coil, one of the ingredients needed for the machine at the start. Have Erik return to the starting point and place the coil in the machine by using it in front of the coil-shaped image. Now switch to Olaf and have him ride the elevator up with his shield above his head. Once at the top, walk to the left where there is a pit of spikes with a moving platform. Have Olaf ride the platform past the spikes, and glide down to the left and press the red button next to the broken machine. Now ride the nearby elevator up and go back to the right, past the pit of spikes again. Now have Baleog and Olaf stand on the main elevator and have Olaf ride it down, but walk to the right so Olaf goes into the duct there with his shield in front of him. This is to block the robot on the other side of the duct. Now have Baleog ride the elevator back up, but have him go through the same duct and past Olaf to the duct on the other side. Climb the unseen ladder there, which leads to a small room with a buzzsaw robot and a flaming arrow. Shoot arrows at the buzzsaw robot to destroy it, then pick up and use the flaming arrow. Have Baleog continue through the ductwork and keep going until he reaches the lowermost level where he must kill another robot before continuing through the ducts to get a tool set. Now have Baleog retrace his steps through the ducts to where Olaf is and kill the robot he is blocking, and have all vikings return starting point. Give the tool set to Erik, and have him ride the main elevator up and then go left to where the broken machine is, and use the tool set to get the steel block. Take the steel block back to the starting point and use it in front of the square-shaped image of the machine. Now switch to Baleog and have him ride the main elevator up and walk to the right. With Baleog standing on the automatic elevator there, shoot arrows to the right to destroy the three flamethrowers. Now Baleog can get on the conveyer belt and destroy the buzzsaw robot on the right side to collect the flask. Return to the starting point and place the flask into the machine to get the battery. Use the battery in the machine on the right to open the door to the exit.