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Password: TRSS

Start by having Erik run to the right, ignoring the ladders, and have him bash the first wall he comes to get a hidden steak. Now have Olaf and Baleog climb the ladder where they started and defeat the enemies on the purple vines at the top. After the way is clear, Erik can proceed up the ladder and to the right, and jump up to the platform there. Have Erik climb the ladder on that platform and jump to the left, collect the smart bomb, and keep jumping to the left to talk to a blue-bearded hermit. He tells Erik that a key is located on a tree on the other side of the waterfall. Now have Erik join the other two on the purple vines. Have Olaf and Baleog destroy the snail that is at the bottom of the ladder to the right, and then continue to the right with all three vikings until they reach a pool of water. Now it's time to have Erik run ahead and get the blue key. This map is crowded with enemies, but Erik can avoid them because he is so fast. Also, there is plenty of food for healing and he should have collected a smart bomb by now. Just have Erik leap across the water pool and climb the ladder on the other side (it's not too difficult to avoid the caveman rolling around there) and continue leaping up the trees from platform to platform, passing the blue keyhole on the way. Remember, Erik can jump higher if he has a little bit of a running start. The blue key is at the top, on the right. Now go back down and use it in the blue keyhole to lower the bridge. Now Olaf and Baleog should be standing on the left edge of the water pool. Have them walk back to the left and climb the first ladder they come to and defeat the rolling caveman there. Olaf and Baleog can now proceed to the right, climb a small ladder, and cross the bridge that Erik lowered. All three can now descend to the exit.