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Password: TFFF

Our Vikings are back on Tomator's spaceship and they are 'rewelcomed' with a very tough level. First, choose Olaf, go right and use his shield as parachute to safely avoid 'high voltage traps' (HVT). Get the bomb and use teleport. After teleporting you will start falling down. Activate your parachute and use the bomb while falling. Why? Below is a computer standing on blocks. There is also a HVT over it, so be careful, otherwise you may reach it before the bomb explodes! After explosion, the computer and the block barrier as well as the HVT are destroyed, so you can safely continue falling, where you will find a blue key and teleport. Use the teleport to return to the starting point.

Use the blue key to activate a pass. Move Olaf and Baelog to the elevator (the platform moving up and down which you can control) and go down. There, destroy 'brainy' enemy with Baelog protected by Olaf's Shield. You can pick the 'intelligent bomb', though no use is known for it in this level. Move Baelog to the right, stand near the 'hole in the wall' and switch to Erik.

Erik (who was standing at the starting position until now) should go and jump right, where he find a lot of HVTs separated with springboards. Use them to safely move right until you reach the last springboard, where you will see a bomb. Grab it, and fall down between two HVTs; press right while falling, and then press up to catch the ladder. If you've done it, go to the bottom of the ladder. Then switch to Baelog, fire an arrow, and quickly switch to Erik, so the arrow does not fly out of the game screen and finally it hits the button. As a result, the HVT under the ladder, on which is Erik, is 'no more'. Get the yellow key, jump back on the ladder, and then, using two moving platforms, get to the place where the yellow key is needed. Use it, carefully get through three vertical HVTs and jump to the place with many 'bricks'. Fire the bomb, and move left to fall down, where springboard will prevent you from getting hurt. Click the red button so that HVT on the left of the screen is off. Then use the teleport. You will materialize inside the walls. Get another bomb, which will be above you, move left and use one more teleport. After that move left, where you will see a place with HVTs and 3 platforms moving up (you can not control them). These platforms will move in the following pattern: First on the left, second on the right and slightly lower, third again lower and on the left. Use them to get higher, where you will see 3 blocks on the left. Drop the bomb near them, and quickly & carefully jump to the right, where will be another teleport and another button. Wait here and now switch to Baelog.

Now, use the nearest teleport, which will move Baelog to the place where Erik recently was. Leave the 3 platforms for the moment and go left, where you will see an elevator. Use it to move up, but be careful, as there are many HVTs. What is more, you must also destroy two buttons by firing an arrow at them. So your 'journey' should look like pressing up, down and D key alternatively to shoot while avoiding HVT. After destroying two buttons, carefully move to the top, then go left and repeat the trick with firing an arrow and switching to Erik. As a result the button near Erik and teleport is destroyed. Now you can safely teleport Erik, and he will appear near the place with 3 platforms moving up again. Also get Baelog there.

Now it's time for Olaf. If you follow instructions strictly, he should be standing on the elevator near the starting point. Use the elevator to move up, and then go right and once again use his shield as a parachute to safely fall down. After a moment you will get to a place with reverse gravitation and 4 vertical HVTs as obstacles. Very carefully get through these HVTs and you will get to the area with normal gravity (make sure that you are still in 'parachute mode'!). Now, while falling down, try not to collect many fruits. If not, Olaf's equipment will quickly get full, and there won't be space for the red key which is your main aim and which is below the fruit. If you do not collect the key, there is no possibility to go back, and you must restart the level. But suppose you get the red key, then use the teleport, and you will appear near Erik and Baelog.

Now, hold Olaf's shield over his head, so Erik can use it for higher jump and as a result he will be 'caught' by the reverse gravity area. Let him fly up, collect the blue key and teleport down. Now carefully move each of our brave Vikings to the right and use the 3 platforms to get on the right side, where they can use red and blue keys. Finally, use the springboard to get to the exit!