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Password: PLNG

At the start of this level is a crane that can be operated by pressing A Button and then using the control pad to move the magnet left and right. Press B Button to turn the magnet on or off. Use the crane's magnet to lift the large steel block, and then move it to the left and drop it onto the large button to open the door. Just to the right, a smart bomb is visible above the ceiling. Have a viking climb up the pipe on the left to pass through the ceiling so he can reach the smart bomb (it's best to have Erik get this smart bomb so he can use it later). Now have all three vikings walk to the right to where the next crane is, and have any viking other than Olaf get in and activate the magnet. With the magnet moved all the way to the left, have Olaf fall over the edge with his shield above his head. The magnet will attract Olaf until he sticks to the magnet. Now have the crane operator move the magnet to the right, so it's over the red button. The magnet must be deactivated so Olaf glides down to the button and presses it, but the magnet but be quickly reactivated or Olaf will be electrocuted when he descends past the button. After the button is pressed, the door below will open so all vikings can go down the shaft and through the door. Just past the doorway is a see-saw with springboards above. First, have Erik jump up to the springboards, and after springing off the second he can move to the right through a duct where there is another smart bomb. Then have Erik jump up the springboards to the top and use the smart bomb to destroy the two robots there. Now have Erik go back down the shaft with the springboards and go through the duct to the left, where he can use the other smart bomb to destroy a robot and get a steak. Now have Erik go back to the bottom where the see-saw is, and have the other two vikings stand on the left platform. Have Erik jump onto the right platform, and the vikings will be flung into the air so they can get onto the springboards. In this way, all vikings can spring to the top of the shaft, where another crane is on the left. Use the crane to lift Olaf up, and carry him to the left. Olaf can glide left past the spikes, then walk back right to press the button to deactivate the energy field. This opens a path so all vikings can walk left to the exit.