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The lost vikings are once again tossed through space-time, now to arrive in an egyptian-themed desert land. In this level, the trees can be climbed like ladders, so start by having Baleog walk to nearest tree and fire arrows to the right, so they hit the coconuts in the next tree. Once the two coconuts fall into the quicksand, the three vikings can safely cross to the other side (touching the quicksand means instant death). On the other side of the quicksand is a scorpion that quickly fires three projectiles from its tail. The best way to take these scorpions out is to have Baleog rush up to it as quickly as possible, and quickly strike it with his sword three times. If the scorpion has a chance to fire its projectiles, all three can hit a viking and kill him very quickly. Once Baleog destroys the scorpion, he has to shoot coconuts again for the next two quicksand pits while Erik climbs the trees and collects the items, including the red key. Before using the key to open the pyramid door, have Erik climb the tall tree and jump onto the pyramid to get a piece of meat. Now, give the red key Baleog so when he opens the door he can start shooting arrows inside to take out the hopping soldier. Once the vikings can enter the pyramid, have Baleog proceed to the ladder and climb up to kill the other two hopping soldiers there. Olaf's shield shouldn't be necessary to fight them, and having Olaf there would just increase the risk of Olaf being hurt. Once Baleog has taken care of the two soldiers, have him climb back down the ladder and stand next to the gold keyhole. Now, position Olaf at the bottom of the shaft with his shield above his head. Have Erik climb the ladder, and push the block to the left so it falls onto Olaf's shield, and just have Erik fall onto the block so he is safe from the fireballs. Be sure to time this so that Erik is not hit by the fireballs coming from the statue. Now Erik can jump up to get the gold key, and go back to the ladder. Don't have Olaf step out from under the block until Erik is safely down the ladder, or Erik can get stuck in the shaft and you'll have to start over. Once Erik is down the ladder, he can open the door with the gold key and all vikings can walk to the exit.