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Password: MSTR

In this level, the Vikings must battle the final boss - their kidnapper, Tomator. Each of the Vikings will get a 1-on-1 chance against Tomator, and finally all three will cooperate to defeat him.

Part 1 - Olaf

After the conversation, Tomator teleports away. Take Olaf to the right, and glide between the force fields to get to the shaft with the spring boards and Tomator on a platform to the right, shooting lasers and bombs.

Tomator's pattern is 3 forwards laser shots, followed by 2 bombs launched diagonally, repeated. Pick up the two bombs, then wait on the leftmost ladder in front of him, under the laser shots. As he starts firing his lasers, quickly climb up to the top of the ladder where Olaf is safe from the bombs. Once Tomator switches to lasers again, glide over to the middle ladder directly above him. Drop a bomb, wait 2 seconds, then drop the second bomb. That's 2 platforms out of 3 destroyed. While Tomator is falling, glide to the rightmost ladder to pick up a third bomb, then back to the center where it's safe. Drop the bomb to destroy the last platform, and Tomator will teleport away, leaving behind a yellow key. Grab the key, use it to disable the electric fence and teleport.

Part 2 - Baleog

The electric fence on the left is now disabled. Drop down with Baleog (it's a long fall) and catch onto the ladder. In the next section, use the circling platform to get across the chasm with the force field. Baleog will get fiery arrows, which are not mandatory at this point, but will become so later. Shoot an arrow at the button to disable the anti-gravity zone. This is only temporary, so walk through it fast. Navigate the chasm using the springboards until Baleog reaches the elevator shaft, with Tomator standing on a trapdoor to the right.

Tomator's firing pattern here is 4 forward shots, 1 bomb, 4 forward shots, 1 bomb, pause, repeat. The sound of lasers hitting the wall in front of Tomator is a good cue to his pattern. During the pause in Tomator's attack, Baleog must ride the elevator up and shoot two switches on the left of the shaft. The switches are protected by a small moving force field, so good timing and precision are required. This must be done quickly before Tomator starts firing again, and may require a few attempts to succeed. Baleog can wait on the elevator platform at the bottom while Tomator is firing - it is safe.

Once both switches are hit, the trapdoor opens, and Tomator teleports away, leaving behind the blue key. Hit one of the switches again to close the trapdoor, grab the key, and head back across the springboard chasm. When reaching the anti-gravity zone, disable it by pressing the button while going through it to avoid hitting the force field above. Use the circling platform to get back to the left. The blue keyhole will shut off the electric fence, but it is positioned directly above it, so there is only one attempt, and it must be accurate or else Baleog is dead. Once it's off, Baleog can drop down to the springboard at the very bottom, press a button to shut off yet another electric fence (again, in mid-flight - only one chance!), and teleport.

Part 3 - Erik

Erik can now follow Baleog's path down and teleport using the same teleporter. All three Vikings are now in a new section. By standing on Olaf's shield, Erik can reach the teleporter above, which will take him to the next room, where Tomator is pacing around between 2 electric fences. Erik's goal is to repeatedly bash Tomator with his head, knocking him into the electricity.

Wait for Tomator to start walking to the right, then drop down and wait. Tomator will turn around, put a force field in front of himself and start firing. His pattern is 2 bombs, followed by two forward laser shots. Erik must find a good place to stand - far enough to give himself a running start for the head bash, but not too far to be hit by the bombs. When Tomator fires the lasers, Erik can jump over them. After the second laser, Tomator will put his force field down before he starts walking. At this precise moment, Erik must run and bash him, knocking him into the electricity. Tomator will be dased for a short while, giving Erik the time to hop onto the ladder and wait there as Tomator walks to the other side, and the same pattern repeats again.

If Erik misses the bash, he might get hit by Tomator and lose one hit point, but usually there is enough time to run back, hop onto the ladder and wait for the next opportunity. However, take care not to get caught in Tomator's force field, as it means instant death!

After being electrified four times, Tomator teleports away, leaving behind a red key. This key unlocks the door. Erik should wait next to the right electric fence, with a button in sight beyond it. Have Baleog fire an arrow to the right, then switch over to Erik so that the arrow hits the button. Now both electric fences are disabled, and all three Vikings can walk to the right to the next teleporter.

Part 4

Now the Vikings must cooperate. To start, use the springboards to drop the Vikings into the anti-gravity zone with enough momentum to carry them past it and to the bottom. A bomb will be needed for the next part; Olaf may have one left over from his battle, if not - there is one on the ledge to the left. At the bottom, Tomator is standing on a brick platform with a force field in front of him. He will have to be dropped from it. Position the Vikings just in front of where Tomator would stand after he drops, but not too close to be hit by his force field. Olaf must use the anti-gravity zone to the right, to rise above Tomator, then glide over his head, and drop a bomb onto the brick platform, on his way back down. It requires good timing and exact positioning, to miss both the overhead electric fence, and Tomator's force field (touching either is "game over"). Quickly put Olaf back in position and lower his shield in front of him.

After the bomb explodes, Tomator drops. He will recover quickly and begin attacking with lasers and bombs. If the Vikings are positioned as instructed, they will be safe, as the bombs fly overhead and Olaf protects them from the lasers. The goal is to bash Tomator twice, so as to knock him into the anti-gravity zone. To do so Baleog must shoot a fiery arrow at Tomator's force field (a regular one won't do), then shoot Tomator himself to stun him for a couple of seconds. In that time, Erik must run back to get a running start, and bash Tomator. This moves him back a bit. Quickly bring the Vikings an inch to the right and out of the bombs' range, and repeat. After the second time, Tomator floats helplessly to the top.

Part 5

The overhead electric fence is now disabled. All Vikings should float to the top. Olaf should go first, to take position with his shield, protecting his friends. The same pattern as in Part 4 (Baleog disabling the force field and stunning Tomator, Erik bashing him) must be repeated twice again, but this time it is a bit easier, as there is no room for Tomator to fire overhead, and so positioning does not matter, as long as Olaf's shield protects the Vikings.

After being hit twice, Tomator is knocked into the corner with a hatch above him and a big switch in front of it. Hmm, I wonder what that switch does, right? Anyways, with Olaf standing under the switch protecting his friends, have Erik jump up and flip it. This opens the hatch, and Tomator is sucked into outer space! You win! Sit back and enjoy the hilarious ending sequence and credits.