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The vikings escape the alien spaceship by travelling through space-time, only to end up in a mountainous land with large toadstools. Begin by having Erik run right and jump over the water (falling in means instant death). Get the red key, and jump to the right to pass through a false wall to get the smart bomb. Now have Olaf climb the ladder so he can keep the monsters at bay for Baleog. After those two take care of the monsters, all three vikings can proceed to the right where Erik can reach a piece of fruit and the gold key. Have all the vikings fall through the gap in the mountain, and have Olaf walk to the right with his shield facing the wall. That way when Erik breaks the wall with his head, he will be protected from the snail by Olaf's shield. Now Baleog can take care of the snail so the others can proceed. To get the shield that is visible in the mountain above, have Erik jump until you find the false ceiling. At the part of the false ceiling that is farthest to the right, have Olaf stand on the ground with his shield above his head so Erik can use it to jump higher. Jump off Olaf's shield through the false ceiling and pass through to the right to reach the shield. Now the vikings can descend the next ladder, destroy the snail there, and use the red key to open the door. Beware of the monsters on the other side of the door; it might be a good idea to give the red key to Olaf and have him open the door so his shield can protect the others. Continue to the left and use the gold key to open the next door. Further to the left are pools of water that cannot be passed unless Baleog fires arrows to hit the switches and lower bridges. Once both bridges are in place, the vikings can walk left to the exit.