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Password: CVRN

Begin by having Olaf and Baleog team up to defeat the snail to the right, so Erik can safely advance to collect the items and break the grey wall with his head. The next part can be tricky. Have Olaf fall of the ledge first so he can block the fireballs with his shield. Next have Baleog and Erik fall down and walk to the left, but not too far or they will be killed by the rolling caveman. Erik and Baleog should go left only until they are out of range of the fireballs. Now Olaf can go left and get the red key, and use his shield to block the rolling caveman so Baleog can destroy it. Further to the left the red key must be used to lower a bridge, and two more rolling cavemen must be defeated so Erik can go to the left and break the wall with his head. Now Olaf should fall down the gap to the bottom so Baleog can come behind him and defeat the enemies there. Once the lower corridor is free of enemies, Erik can go down and smash the next wall with his head so the vikings can get a piece of meat (watch out for the rolling caveman though). Now Erik needs to go to the right, where bubbles are rising out of a pool of lava. He should ride a bubble up and get off by going left at the first ledge he comes to. Before breaking the next wall, have Olaf ride a bubble up to the same ledge (he can get onto a bubble by just having him step over the lava pool as a bubble is rising) so his shield can protect Erik from the fireballs there. Have Erik break the wall and get the gold key, and then go down the ladder and use the gold key to get the blue key. Now have Erik go back to the bubbles and ride one up to the next ledge, this time heading right. Go down the ladder and use the blue key, then go down the next ladder and break the grey wall there. You have to be quick, though, because a barrier starts to descend when the wall is broken. Erik is fast enough to just run to the right, grab the smart bomb, and run left before the barrier has descended all the way. If he gets stuck by the barrier, the level will have to be started over again. Now have Erik climb the ladders and proceed to the right, use the smart bomb to defeat the rolling caveman. Now all the vikings can proceed on the cleared path to the exit.