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This level has traps everywhere, so it's best to think carefully before making a move.
If you want firearrows, then the first wall to the right has some in them. Headbutt it with Erik to get them.
First, run forward with Erik to the bounce. Move Baleog and Olaf over as well. Bounce them both to the platform with the flip-switch on it to the left, and then hit that switch. Two red supports should have appeared shortly to your right between two platforms.
Now it's time to break the wall, but first, make sure that Olaf is nearby with his shield up; another wall will fall down after you break the first one, effectively failing the level for you in the process if you don't hold it up with Olaf. So get Erik up there and break it only when you are ready.
Now, with the smiley-face wall being held up by Olaf, move Baleog through the newly opened path past Olaf. Leave Erik and Olaf behind. Be careful, for there is a ball/hand enemy that bounces himself and flies into you. Defeat him and move on. There should be an airpump up ahead. Use it and float up to the next airpump, to the right of the strawberry, which you can get if you wish.
Once you reach the next airpump, shoot the two blocks to your right. You must do this, for they will not break simply by being stepped on. Use the airpump and float up. Watch out for the spikes above, but make sure you manage to make it to the slightly higher platform to the right. Step on the conveyor belt, and shoot a switch directly ahead of you, which will cancel the electricity. Fall through.
Down below, there should be another bouncing ballhand. Kill him if you want. Regardless, you need to go down another floor. There are blocks that will be to your right, and they will crumble when stepped on. Quickly pass over them, go up the hill, and shoot the chains holding the big block up. It will then fall onto the red supports you put out earlier. DO NOT TOUCH THAT SWITCH UNTIL SPECIFICALLY TOLD TO DO SO.
Move Baleog back down and past Olaf. Leave him right next to the switch, and don't move him until instructed. As long as everyone is on the right side of the door (by the switch), then move Olaf to the right. The door will fall to the ground, and you're done with it.
Before moving on, it is recommended that you get the item to the top right that is shaped like an X. It kills all onscreen enemies when used. Get it with Erik-- you'll need it later.
Next, move Olaf down by the bounce again. See the gap to the left with the button in mid air? Put Olaf's shield up and float down there, but MAKE SURE YOU HIT THE BUTTON ON THE WAY DOWN. You should be standing on a smiley platform and appear trapped, but don't worry.
After you hit that button, the pathway to the left of the gap should be open. Take Erik through there. You should reach a point where you're on a slight hill. There are spikes above your head a bit to the left, and you can see a blue key on the far left side of your screen. Fall down. Now, you should see some destructable flooring, a pump, and a wall blocking the blue key. Fall onto the destructable blocks and fall down. You will be safe. There should be two more pumps and more blocks. Fall down them to find the bomb. Make your way back to the top, avoiding spikes along the way, and blow up the wall blocking the blue key. Retrieve it and fall back down to where you got the bomb. Unlock the door by the blue-checkered water.
Make your way up by using the springs, and make sure you grab the red key to your right. Once you get up, you should be by Olaf again. Unlock the door, but be careful-- Baleog's twin is off to the right. If he's in screen, he may attempt to shoot you. Use the X item that eliminates all enemies to send him packing. Olaf should still be below you. Move to his left. Make sure you aren't currently standing on his shield. It's time for Baleog. Select him and hit the switch you should be standing by, releasing the red supports. The large block will fall on Olaf, but don't worry; his shield will hold it up. If Erik was there, however, he would have been crushed!
Anyway, move the block to the right with Erik, and push it onto the large button. The platform that Olaf is standing on should begin moving. Cutting a long story short, move all vikings to the right of the button you just activated with the block. There should be a teleporter. Have all of them use it in any order.
Now this part can be pretty tricky for you need to work FAST once the platform starts moving. Move all three vikings onto the smiley platform. Have Olaf's shield up again. Now, shoot the button to your right with Baleog. The platform should slowly begin to move down. Quickly switch back to Olaf and have him move off of the platform to the left as soon as possible. Float down over the spikes and quickly press the button, which will deactivate the electricity that Erik and Baleog would have died from if you didn't. Move him back onto the platform right away and switch to Baleog. To your left, there will be a target on the wall. MAKE SURE YOU HIT IT WITH AN ARROW OR YOU'RE OFFICIALLY DEAD. As soon as you hit it, switch to Erik and bolt off to the right (the path you just opened). As quickly as you can, jump up and grab the yellow key, then fall down the pit to the right. You'll land on a bounce. Quickly exit to the left and use the yellow key on the lock! Now get Erik back on, quick! But wait, there's one last target to the right! Make sure you have Baleog shoot that!
And you're done! Just get off at the portal and you're off to the final world. And it's safe to stay on the platform when it reaches the spikes. They won't hurt you if you're on it.