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Password: H0PP

Start by using the see-saw to propel Olaf upward onto the springboards. Have Olaf collect the smart bomb and the red key before landing on the ledge at the top right of the shaft; using the smart bomb to kill the robot in the middle of the shaft is a good idea, as the robot at the top can be destroyed by Baleog. In any event, have all three vikings hop up the shaft to the red keyhole (Erik must go last). Once all three vikings are at the red keyhole at the top of the shaft, open the door and have Baleog go down the elevator on the other side. Fire an arrow through the hole on the right side of the elevator shaft to break the chain holding the steel beam, and ride the elevator back to the top. Now have Olaf walk through the doorway and past the pistons, and glide down past the spikes where he will reach a crane. Use the crane's magnet to lift the steel beam and drop it through the energy field. Switch to Erik and have him go through the doorway, avoiding the pistons, and jump over the spike pit that Olaf fell into. On the far right is another shaft. Have Erik fall down, and he will land on a springboard at the bottom. Spring up and to the right, and jump up the shaft by hopping from one platform to the next. Once Erik reaches the top, go to the right and collect the blue key while falling down the next shaft. Again, Erik is saved by a springboard at the bottom. Spring up and go left, fall off the ledge and use the blue key to open the door to the exit. Now go to the right and use the crane there to position the steel beam so it forms a bridge across the energy field. Switch to Baleog and have him go back down the elevator and walk right across the steel beam, and climb the ladder and shoot the button on the right. This opens a hole in the floor above so Olaf can fall through and all vikings can reach the exit.