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Password: C1R0

Start by having Olaf fall off the ledge to the left, and aim for the ledge just below. Have him flip the switch there, then have Erik jump across the spike pit and activate the button on the other side. Have Erik continue to the right and flip the next switch, which activates an automatic elevator. Ride the elevator up and jump off to the left. Bricks fall from the ceiling here, so watch the pattern to time Erik's safe passage down the corridor. At the end of the corridor, bash the wall with Erik's head to open a passage but before heading through climb the ladder and bash the grey wall to the left to get the red key. Now go back down the ladder and go down the opened shaft, and run to the left, dodging the hopping soldier. At the end of the passage is a ladder which looks like it leads to nowhere, but it actually leads to a false ceiling where Erik will find a steak and a smart bomb. Now go back down the ladder and use the smart bomb to destroy the hopping soldier, and run to the right and smash that wall with Erik's head. This opens a passage back to where the vikings started, where Baleog should still be waiting. Now have Erik run to the right where the automatic elevator is, and this time go down. Go down the ladder there and walk to the left, where there is a ladder and the red keyhole. Just have Erik wait by the keyhole and have Olaf fall down the shaft next to the ledge he is standing on. To the left of this corridor is a shaft with dripping green ooze. If the ooze touches a viking, he will disintegrate instantly. Not even Olaf's shield can protect him! Time Olaf's fall so that he doesn't touch the green drops, and just before he hits the ground switch his shield so it's above his head so he won't get hurt and stunned by the fall. This is important because if he hits the ground and is stunned, the green drops will surely hit him. At the bottom of the shaft, have Olaf walk to the right, ignoring any enemies until he comes to a ladder. At the top of the ladder is the red keyhole, and Erik should be waiting here. Have Baleog join them by following the same path Erik took (right and down) and then open the door with the key. On the other side are three switches and a button. To open the door to the exit, position the switches so the middle switch is down and the other two are up, then hit the button.