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The lost vikings are once again flung through the void of time and space, and this time they end up in an industrial setting. At the start of the level, pistons are visible on the right as they pound endlessly into the ground. If a viking stands under these he'll becomes a Norse pancake but keep in mind that Olaf's shield can block the smaller pistons if he holds the shield over his head. Start the level by sending all vikings past the first three pistons, where two ducts are visible in the ceiling. Have Erik jump up into them, and the press up on the control pad so he climbs an unseen ladder in each. The first contains a smart bomb, and the second contains a bomb. Then have Baleog shoot the red button that is visible near the ceiling ahead to stop the fourth piston. Now have all vikings walk to the right and descend the ladder, and have Erik stand on Olaf's shield so he can jump up to the moving beam above. At the top ledge there is a one-eyed buzzsaw robot the Erik must avoid (using Erik's smart bomb to destroy it is a good idea) so he can press the red button on the right, which stops the next piston. Also, Erik can move into the duct to the right of the button and climb an unseen ladder to the floor above where there is a room with a flaming arrow. Have Erik return to where the other vikings are so he can give the arrow to Baleog. The red button that Erik pressed stopped the piston ahead, so now all vikings can proceed to the right and descend the ladder. Have Baleog descend first, but instead of having him climb down the ladder just fall and move to the left so he moves into the duct. He can keep walking left inside the duct until he comes to a junction, where he has to descend an unseen ladder to keep walking left. At the end are two more buzzsaw robots, but Baleog's flaming arrow can destroy them. Continue to the left and enter the next duct, and climb the unseen ladder inside so Baleog can take out another robot on the top right. Now Erik can go to the same duct, but by going up and to the left he can reach a smart bomb. Go back to the right and use the bomb Erik got at the beginning of the level to destroy the grey bricks above the ladder there. Now use Erik's smart bomb to kill the robot below, and there's a clear path for Erik to get the red key. Now have Erik and Baleog go all the way back to the ladder near Olaf, and have all three vikings descend that ladder. At the very bottom is a red button that Baleog needs to shoot in order to stop the fast-moving piston, and then Olaf has to use his shield to block the smaller pistons so the other vikings can cross. Timing is essential on the conveyer belts, but with Olaf's shield blocking the pistons all vikings are able to get safely to the other side, where the red key can be used to open the door to the exit.