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Password: NFL8

The lost vikings are flung through space-time once again, and this time they end up in a bizarre, surreal world. To the right of the starting point is a pump that will inflate a viking, temporarily turning him into a living balloon so he can float around to reach new heights. Begin by having Olaf walk to the right, and use the pump to float up and to the right. Have Olaf stand with his shield blocking the creature there, and then switch to Baleog so he can float up and destroy it. From this ledge, a slow-moving platform is visible to the left. If a viking rides the platform up, he'll be killed by the spikes above, so instead have Olaf use the pump to float up above the platform where he can get the red key and then drift back down safely. Now have Olaf use the pump again, and this time float straight up to the red keyhole and open the door. Now he can reach the blue key. Now have all three vikings go to the blue keyhole, which is located to the right of the starting position, and open the door to proceed. Have Olaf go through the doorway and use the next pump, and stick to the left while floating up until he can reach a platform with another pump. Use that to float up and slightly to the left to reach a switch. Flipping the switch activates the moving platform on the right, so now Olaf can use the pump to reach the gold key. Before going back down to use the key, use the pump again and float to the right to get the bomb. Now glide back down to the right, and have all vikings go to the gold keyhole. Give the bomb to Erik, use the key to open the door and have Olaf walk to the next pump. Float up and to the left, and have Olaf stand where the red keyhole is with his shield facing to the left. Make sure Olaf is standing on level ground, and switch to Baleog. By switching back and forth between Olaf and a viking that is standing near the gold keyhole's location, a green creature can be lured to Olaf's position and will then be blocked by Olaf's shield. Now just have Baleog go to Olaf and kill the creature, then fire arrows to destroy the flamethrowers. Walk to the left and get the red key, and use it to activate a moving platform. Now have Erik float up to the moving platform and ride it upward, and use the bomb to destroy the wall on the left. Go left and use the pump to float up and to the right, and press the button to open the way to the blue key. Go back right and down the moving platform, and continue right to the next moving platform to ride it up and use the blue key to open the door to the exit.