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This level is filled with pumps that the vikings use repeatedly to inflate themselves into balloons. Start by having Olaf go left and use the bubbles to cross the molten chocolate. On the other side is a springboard he can use to reach the red button above so he can deactivate the energy field. Keep going left, and use Olaf's shield to block the zombie Baleog on the other side. Now have Baleog move to the same location to defeat the zombie Baleog. Have Olaf walk left, and use the pump to float up and go right. Glide down the shaft with the spikes to get the red key, and go left at the bottom to return to Baleog's position. Now Baleog needs to go left and use the pump, float up and use the next pump to go up again. Go to the right and Baleog can shoot a target that stops a large fan from turning. Now have Olaf go back up, and this time go to the right of the spiked shaft and use the red key. Have all three vikings go to this point, and have Erik go through the doorway and use the first available pump to float up where he can get a bomb and the blue key. Go back down to where the large fan is and go right to find the blue keyhole and use the key to open the ceiling above. Run off the ledge to the right and Erik can reach another small platform with a pump. Use it to float up and to the left, and push the large block through the hole that was opened by the blue key. Now drop down, and push the block to the right until if falls off the ledge. The block presses a giant button which opens the floor so the gold key can be reached to the right. Run off to the right and Erik will fall first onto the small platform with the pump, and then onto another with a piece of fruit. Fall off this platform to the right and Erik can reach the gold key. Now go left and use the pump to float up, and use the next two pumps to continue up to the gold keyhole and use the key. Keep floating up and stop where the next pump is on the left, and have the other two vikings meet Erik there. Now have Baleog use this pump to float up, use the springboard and shoot the target at the next ledge. Now all three vikings need to float up to this point and use the pump to float up again and go left. Use the moving platforms to cross the spikes and have Olaf and Baleog team up again to defeat the zombie Baleog on the other side where there is another pump. Use it to bring all three vikings left where they can get the red key. Have Olaf go down the slope to the right to block the zombie Baleog and have Baleog shoot arrows to kill it, then use the red key to open the door. Go through and have each viking fall down and use the pump to cross the spikes on the left. Use the springboards to continue left to reach the exit.