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Password: SPKS

Begin by having Erik jump and climb the pillar. Now go right and collect the items. At the end is a steak. After this go down and shoot the button on the other side (with Baleog) to make a bridge so all can cross. Now have Olaf advance to the right with his shield in front of him until he is standing at the edge of the other spike pit. Now have Erik go to the right, and jump onto the platform above Olaf. Watch the fireballs that are flying over the spike pit, because when Erik jumps onto the block suspended by a chain, the block will move downward and he can be hit by the fireballs. Time the jump right and when the block moves down, have Erik jump to the right so that he falls below the fireball-spitting statue. There is a ladder in the lower right corner that he can stand on safely. Now have Baleog walk to the right to where Olaf is standing, and shoot the chain with an arrow so the block falls. The block hits a switch which makes the fireballs stop, and it makes the spikes go away so all the vikings can proceed to the right. Now if Erik falls down the ladderwell and moves to the left, he will pass through a false wall into a passageway where he can get a shield and a flaming arrow. Now have Baleog descend the ladder first so he can take care of the hopping soldier at the bottom, and then Erik must descend to break the grey wall with his head. At the bottom of the next ladder is a grey wall to the left, and another wall to the right that can be also be broken by Erik. Have Baleog standing by because a hopping soldier will attack as soon as the wall is broken. Behind the wall on the right is a stone marker that tells the code to unlock the door to the exit. Now have Erik bash the grey wall on the left, all the while having Baleog nearby to take care of the enemies. Up the next ladder are four buttons with stone tablets that change when the button is pressed. The four tablets are on two levels. Baleog is best for activating the lower level, because there is a hopping soldier there. Olaf is best for activating the top two tablets, because bricks fall from above and he can just hold his shield over his head. Make the symbols change to correspond with the stone marker to unlock the exit door. Once the symbols match the stone marker, have a viking press to button next to the door and all vikings can proceed to the exit.