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Password: 4RN4

This level has 3 parts. In parts 1 and 2, as the Vikings reach the exit, Tomator interferes and teleports them to a different section of the level. Only after reaching the exit for the third time, the level ends. The individual sections are shorter than most levels, so while altogether this level is longer than most, it is not as long as 3 separate levels.

Part 1

In this part, the Vikings must traverse two anti-gravity zones with ledges on both sides. The ceiling of the anti-gravity zone is an instant-death force field, and the ledges are guarded by scorpions, so a lot of care is required. Carefully navigating Olaf and placing him directly next to a scorpion with his shield raised above his head will typically neutralize the scorpion until Baleog can come and destroy it. An alternative strategy is using Erik only and relying on his speed to avoid the attacks of the scorpions.

In the first anti-gravity zone, start by getting the yellow key on the middle-left ledge (directly above the starting point). The yellow key shuts down an electric fence at the top-left ledge above it, where a red key is available. The red keyhole is located on the middle-right ledge, and opens a door on the top-right ledge above it. Behind that door is a blue key.

The vikings are now ready to proceed to use the springboard to the right and hop to the second anti-gravity zone. Erik must take the blue key, and jump up from the springboard to reach the small ladder and go up on the ledge with the blue keyhole. Unlocking it disable the horizontal electric fence. Take another yellow key on the right side and use it to unlock the door to the exit on the top-right ledge.

Part 2

Start by navigating the anti-gravity zone, carefully avoiding the force fields. At the top, the blue key on the left unlocks the door to the right. The rest of the section involves progressing using springboards and fighting off flying robots. The simplest strategy against the flying robots is to place Olaf directly in their flight paths with his shield in front of him, so they cannot fly past him. Then Baleog can shoot them off behind the protection of Olaf's shield. In the last room before the exit, Baleog can quickly sneak behind the robot, climb the ladder in the middle and destroy it with 3 quick sword hits.

An alternative but much slower strategy is "turtling" by having Olaf walk under the robots with his shield above him, and Baleog and Erik following him, trying to stay under his shield for as long has possible, inching forward bit by bit.

Part 3

Collect the bomb at the start. After Baleog destroys two bouncing ball/hand enemies from behind Olaf's shield, Erik can hop from ladder to ladder above the force field and obtain the red key. Behind the red door is another anti-gravity area which must be carefully navigated to avoid force fields.

At the top, drop the bomb next to the wall to destroy the brick floor, while the vikings stay safely on the edge, far from the bomb, and drop down. There are two spinning grinders in this area. Erik can jump over the first and stand between the two. From here, transfer to Baleog and have him fire an arrow, then quickly transfer control to Erik, so that the arrow is in view as it hits the switch. This disables the second grinder and lets Erik past it to retrieve the blue key. Using it on the blue key hole shuts off the first grinder so that Olaf and Baleog can pass. Now all three vikings can teleport. (Important: the teleport is one way. If Erik accidentally uses it before unlocking the blue keyhole, Baleog and Olaf will be stuck, and the entire level will have to be restarted!)

The Vikings find themselves in a small room with no visible way out, but there is a hidden ladder above them that Erik can jump to, run to the left (avoiding the bouncing ball/hand) and descend down another ladder. From here he can bash the wall and let his friends out. After destroying (or avoiding) the ball/hand, the Vikings can get to the top room, where Erik can jump over the force field to get the yellow key and unlock the exit.