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Password: SMRT

Start by having Erik get in the crane and move the steel beam to the right. Now have Olaf walk to the right and climb the ladder, and get onto the steel beam. Switch to Erik and have him move the beam to the left so Olaf can get onto the springboard. Keep springing up until Olaf gets to the top where there is another crane. Now have Erik spring up and join Olaf, and have Olaf spring up onto the steel beam on the ceiling. Now Erik can use the crane to move the beam to the right, so Olaf can glide onto the platform there and pick up the two bombs. A steak is visible beneath the bombs; to get it, use one of the bombs on the far right and a hole will be blasted in the floor. Fall down and get the steak and another bomb, then use the springboard to go back up and have Olaf go back to Erik's location. Have Erik use his head to smash the wall to the right of the crane, so Olaf can glide down the shaft there and get the red key. Now have all three vikings go to the red keyhole, which is located to the left of the starting position. Use the red key to open the door, and use Erik's head to smash the wall on the left to get a hidden flaming arrow. Now use a bomb to destroy the part of the floor that's different, and have Olaf descend so he can block the robot at the bottom. Once Olaf's shield is in place, have Baleog descend so he can use his flaming arrows to destroy the robot. Now have Erik descend and move to the right past the conveyor belt and enter the duct on the right of the shaft to get a smart bomb and some food. Have Erik go back out the duct and down and proceed past the next conveyor belt, and have the other vikings join him. Give the smart bomb to Olaf before having him glide down past the spikes so he can use it to destroy the buzzsaw robot at the bottom. Now Olaf just has to walk to the left to ride the elevator up and press the button so the others can cross the spikes. Have all vikings get on the elevator and ride it down. Walk to the right past the blades to the see-saw, and spring Baleog up so he can get onto the moving platform. Shoot a couple of arrows through the hole on the right to destroy the flamethrowers, and all vikings can walk to the exit.