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Password: V8TR

First, have Erik go to the left and ride the elevator to the top, and jump up into the duct to reach the torch. Return to the starting position and use the torch to activate the furnace on the right. Have Olaf climb the ladder so he can use his shield to block the pistons, and have Erik climb the ladder and go to the right to operate the crane. Use the crane's magnet to move the steel block on top of the machine, and the machine will turn the block into a tool set. Get the tool set and return to the starting position, and have all vikings get on the elevator to the left and ride it to the top. Use the tool set on the broken machine to open a hole in the floor, and have Baleog jump down to take care of the two robots on the level below. Now have Olaf jump down, and descend the duct so he can use his shield to block the robot there. With the robot blocked, Baleog can go into the duct and get the flaming arrow and destroy the robot. Olaf can go to the right and block the next robot, so Baleog can safely destroy it to reach a steak. Now have these two retrace their steps out of the ductwork, and move all three to right where they come upon a see-saw. Spring Baleog up so he can get the smart bomb and use his arrows to destroy the robot above, and so he can fire an arrow to the left to break the chain holding the steel block. Now use the see-saw to spring Olaf up, and have him stand on the platform to the left with his shield above his head. Now Baleog can stand on Olaf's shield and fire an arrow to destroy the robot to the left so he can get the blue key. Now all vikings need to return to the starting position, where Baleog needs to destroy the furnace by firing a flaming arrow at it. Once the furnace is out of the way, Baleog can use the blue key and all vikings can walk to the exit.